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Archive Index

2.4 gHz problem pronouncements by Futaba and Spektrum
2nd R/C Flight School - Greg Shane
A Day at Eaton Bray - Pat Newman
Adverse Yaw - Nigel Rollason
Advice to beginners from Frank Drecchio

Albanian "Eagles" Youth Project appeal
A look at a professional small static model
An Aeromodeller's Machine Shop - Charlie Stone
A nice little outing - Vic Longbon story
Another 2.4 gHz problem? (Low battery lock-out)
Another mucky story by John Beckinsale
Antique radios - Malcolm Logan
A Lifetime of Model flight - Tore Loodin
A Sorry Tale from John Beckinsale
As You Were - an early transmitter by Tore Loodin
A tale of two trannies by Malcolm Logan
Australian National Champs 2001 report by Norm Kirton

Aviatik Berg D1 - finishing - Don Coe
B52 model crashes at BMFA Nationals 2004
B52 crash - the official verdict
B52 - version two
Backing up Rx power supplies - Colin Stevens
Batteries and Charging - a guide by Paul Scott
Battery bother - Nicad withdrawal, Colin Stevens
BBC Christmas 2005 Treat
BBC Treat that wasn't!
Back to the future by John Welsford
Barkaby Scale Meeting, 2004
Basic Guide to Model Aircraft Design by Paul Alexander Cook
Battery Technology by Paul Alexander Cook
Battery Charging - Idris Francis
Bearings and Model Engines by Paul McIntosh
Beat the Bunnies - flying field rabbit problem from Roger Stone
"Beginner" builds Peter Rake WacoSRE prototype by Charlie Bice
Better than a Buddy Box? - Clarence Ragland's tuition technique
Beware the ARTF! - Roger Stone
Beware the ARTF! - follow up by Mike Hawkins
Beware the Corridors of Power! article re radio interference
Big Bird Meet 2002, Miami - brief report and pictures from Tom McGraw
Black Wire Disease, or the dreaded Black Rot!
Black-Wire Surprise - Colin Stevens
BMFA Safety Bulletin re synthesized transmitters
BMFA safety recommendations re pegboards
Boost tabs - a boon for large scale models, Roger Forgues
Boost tabs - an alternative view
Brian Collins' cross-channel electric record
Bruno Ogorelec's Jet Dream - pulse jet item

Building a better ARTF pt 1, MacGregor article
Building a better ARTF pt 2, MacGregor article
Building from plans - hints and tips from Chris Hardie
Building high-torque/no gearbox e-motors - resource article by Ron van Sommeren
Building the Savoia Marchetti SM55X by Ian Cartwright
Burp charging and memory effect debate #1
Burp charging and memory effect debate #2
Buyer collects - modeller's tale from Jim Messer
Buzzflight to the rescue
Camera module - Part1, construction article by Grapher
Camera module - Part 2, construction article by Grapher
Canard Peculiarities by Rupert Kosmala
Castor Oil - Bert Striegler
Challenge of the Wright Flyer - Roger Turner
Charging 12v sealed lead acid batteries - questions
Charging 12v sealed lead acid batteries - the answers!

Charging High Capacity Batteries by Ray Datodi
Charging NiMh batteries
Charger box article by Grapher
Charley the R/C parachute man - from Tom Watson
Charlie Bruce's Vlkyrie by Ken Croft
Cincopelli Fünfling multiwinged fantasy model, Pat Tritle
Clevis fitting problems and solution - Colin Stevens
Clevis opening tool, Paul Clark
Close encounters with an IFO by Tony Whiteley 
Club Magazines by email - making .pdf files
C o G rig, self-build article by Geoff Graham
C o G - Malcolm Logan
C o G tool by the late Jim Archer
Cockpit instruments panel construction by Vincent Cockett
Colour perception in models - Roger Stone
Colibrio - Resurrection and redemption - Colin Stevens
Control line questions answered - Charlie Stone
Control surface protectors - Barrie James
Cops didn't know they were breaking the law!
Counting the Molecules (re Reynolds Number) by Tim Costello
Corrosion of brass fuel tank components by Colin Stevens
Costello Conundrum - V-tail control, Tim Costello
Costello Conundrum - Mike Hawkins and Colin Stevens respond
Costello Conundrum - more readers' responses
Covering Up - using laminating film as covering, PL Daniels
Cox Pee-Wee 020 external fuel tank, article by Andrew Donatelli
Dual powered Waco by Charlie Bice
Crimping vs Soldering 1 - Colin Stevens
Crimping vs Soldering 2 - Ian Francis
Crimping vs Soldering 3 - Tim Wheater and Colin Stevens
Crash Etiquette
C. Rupert Moore, ARCA - a man to be remembered
Crystal gazing - Tony Whiteley
Crystal Gazing - crystal differences explained
CSM AirWars infra-red combat system
Danish Indoor Scene article by Michael Henrikson  
Dangerous Li-Pos by John A. Thompson
David 'Boddo' Boddington's passing and appreciation
Del Vincent - frustrated designer!
Differential Movement article by Tore Loodin
Discharging, levelling and conditioning flight packs by John Beard
Discovered aloft - Chris Haines Piper Cherokee
DIY model stand and wing balancer article by Reg Heath
DIY field stand, article by Geoff Graham
DIY rivet marker
DIY starter for small engines by Tore Loodin  
DIY decals, SuperCal water slide system
DIY decals using MS Word
Dormoy Bathtub construction article by Bud Carlson
Dornier Wal; a Light Coming Over the Sea - book review by Tim Costello
Down Memory Lane with Len Nicholls
Ducted Cooling of Model Airplane Engines by Stuart Sherlock
Dumb-bell/Doggybone Effect, by Tim Costello
Dynamic Soaring
Dynamics of Flying Detached Propeller Blades by Colin Stevens
Early wooden kits by Tim Heath
Easier than Solarfilming the Cat! SB-28 review by Gordon Walker
Electric control line - is it viable? with comments from Mike Palko
Electric Fields - Idris Francis
Electric R/C Flight Pt 1 by Heather Mardon
Electric R/C Flight Pt 2 - Motors, by Heather Mardon
Electric R/C Flight Pt 3 - Converting an IC kit, by Heather Mardon

Electric R/C Flight Pt 4 - Brushless Motors, by Heather Mardon
Electric R/C Flight Pt 5 - Electronic Speed Controllers, by Heather Mardon
Electric R/C Flight Pt 6 - Batteries, by Heather Mardon
Electric R/C Flight Pt 7 - To Gear or not to Gear, by Heather Mardon
Electric Specs - electric motor selection
Electric speed controllers query answered by Paul Cook
Electric Talk, article by Grapher
Electric Power, article by John Anderson

Electromagnetic fields interference, Dick Clark
Electronic ignition conversion of Laser 25cc engine by Johy Clarke
Electronic vs Mechanical trims - Colin Stevens
Especially for the Beginner 1 - Rev Frank Callon article from 1940s Aeromodeller
Especially for the Beginner 2
E-panel builder tutorial
Expensive rescue - model recovery
Experiments in electric control line, Eric Stephen
Exploding props
Exploding Twiglet - article by Gene Bond
FanWing - the 'flying mower'
Fibre Classics YAK SP-55M kit review by John Phillips
Fibre optic servo extension leads by Roger Forgues
Fire! - Disastrous lipo fire
Fire destroys workshop
Fitting an alloy spinner - help from Roger stone
Finding lost models in wooded areas by Barry James
Fitting a second electric motor to a model
Flair Models under new management
Flat foam models - Don Santee
Flight Idle tx setting by Lawrence Cragg
Flight Line Plans EPC-ff free flight control system
Float construction, Alan Heim
Fly Away Peter - Peter Holloway fly-away story
Flying the P40 Warhawk, Ian Nelson
Flying the Sonic Liner, Don Santee
Flying wings - a new approach to control by Tim Costello
Forecast winds for modellers, article by Geoff Graham
Formation Model Flying - April 1 spoof by Barrie James
Forty-two years later - nostalgic article from Bob Fritch
FMS free model flight simulator
Frank Ellis (Elfin Engines) passes away 
Frollicking in a Corsair graveyard, Richard Wright
Funtana disaster by Tony Whiteley
Futaba 6EX 2.4 GHz tx review
Futaba digital FET servos technical article

Futaba transmitter alert from Gordon Cook
Gee Bee Model D Sportster construction article by Graeme 'Brad' Bradley
Getting started
Getting to Grips with Electric - Pt 1, article by Grapher
Getting to Grips with Electric - Pt 2, article by Grapher
Glitch elimination - April Fool
Good day Out at Paldalen - Swedish club meeting report
Goo or gunge, by Tony Whiteley
Gordon Burford tribute by Ken Croft
Graupner Extra 300S ARTF by Harold Clark
GPS - the way ahead? - light-hearted article by Gordon Cook
Hang About! - Model storage methods
Hangar 9 P-51 TRAINER!
Happy days are here again- club report from Tore Loodin
Harrier Jump Jet project from Exciting R/C
Harrier Jump Jet project - update
Harrier Jump Jet project - update
Hawker Hunter RAF model idsplay, Arthur Burch
Heli Miscellany - heli training
Hinges, making scale metal - how-to article by Don Coe
History of DB Models by the late David Boddington
Home Brew fuel? Tony Whiteley
Home-engineered engine and glo-plugs by Charlie Stone
Home-engineered glo-plugs update - Charlie Stone
Horrendous model prop accident
How kits are made - a visit to JB Aviation
How to waste 6 hours of your life - Tim Costello
Iain Austin does it his way - starting out article
Idris Francis remembers it well
In praise of autopilots - Idris Francis
Instrument panel sources
Instrument panel maker by Norm Kirton
Instant Satisfaction - new NiMh batteries review by Colin Stevens
Into the wild blue yonder - Jose Tirapu fly-away tale
Investing in Youth
Is it a bird . . . ? Article on full-size ornithopter project
Irvine Engines - good service acknowledged by Pete Nicholls
Ivan Pettigrew inducted into MAAC Hall of Fame
'Jack and Jill' model making - Malcolm Fosters foam and brown paper construction
Jet Airliner Design - new approach by Ian Monty, EDF Models

JetCat turbines get Jet Man the record
Jets for Beginners
Jets Over Pampa 2009 report
Jim Messer's passing, Dec 2008
Joe Nall 2004 Memorial fly-in reported by Bud Carlson
John Anderson tribute
Karl Heinz Helling's flapping wing model
Kirton/Stone team triumph 2005
Kitty Hawk visit by Roger Turner
Let's Talk Center of Gravity - Rupert Kosmala
L for Liability?
L for Liability? - follow-up
L for Liability? - further comment
Lithium battery safety, Andrew Gibbs
Lithium Polymer Batteries & free Twiglet plan, from Paul Cook
Looking after your nicads, MacGregor article
Lost model locator on a shoestring by Barrie James
Luna 400 kit review by Gary Clemans-Gibbon
Lysander Tale, Alan Shipman
Make your own decals article by Geoff Graham
Make yourself a prop balancer - John Wheater
Making small parts for aero models - Willard Ekstrum
Making a Mercedes DIIIa dummyengine, Paul Butler
Making a vacuum box, Malcolm Ferguson
Manny United - Jay Wiley
Metamorphosis - construction article by José Tirapu
Model Building - a different approach, by Ian Monty
Model day at Stockholm Museum report by Sven Pontan

Modelplane crash closes UK motorway

Models of the Year 2001
modelflight 100 competition entries
ModelFlight cover shots 2002
ModelFlight cover shots 2003
modelflight cover shots 2004
modelflight cover shots 2005
Model Flying Boat Design by Ivan Pettigrew
Model heli world record flight
Model retrieval crossbow, Pete Wells
Molded Balsa Shells by Windy Urtnowski
Multi-engine models, Eric Harding

My Aeromodelling Life - Pat Newman
My Ideal Holiday - Oshkosh 2006, Bryan Lea
My First Time - hand painting a scale model, article by Ian Slaughter
My Radios, article by Tom Watson
New Cessna from Pat Tritle
New Year Resolutions 2009 - Tim Costello
Nicad Anomaly, Colin Stevens
Nice work if you can get it, Derick Veliz and his aerial photography
Nickel Zinc batteries
NiMH and Nicad safety matters
NiMH battery debate, cont'd
NiMH battery debate, cont'd
NiMH nightmare, Idris Francis
NiMH nightmare - problem solved? - Idris Francis
'Nose Tapping' UVP propeller system
Not Yet an Aeroplane - aerodynamic discussion by Tim Costello
Nylon vs Solartex, article by Geoff Graham
Omagh MFC Open Day
On-board NiCad monitors, MacGregor article

On course for some good fun -on-board GPS trial
One Sunday in Hong Kong - model jet article by Tom Watson
Past Perils of Pulse Jets - Charlie Stone
Paulownia wood - an alternative to balsa from Bill Maunders
Pandora's Box - flight box disaster!
Paramotor project - Lucas Rizzi
Pat Tritle - full-time modeller
Peg clamps from Charlie Stone
Penguins CAN Fly! - Flight Line Plans' Pingwin
Piggy-back models by Rupert Kosmala
Pilot-painting for the Artistically-challenged, by Colin Stevens
Pioneers of R/C - Peter Cabrol's Story
Pioneers of R/C - Idris Francis
Pioneers of R/C - Jim Messer - AMA Model Aviation Hall of Fame award
Pioneers of R/C - Paul Newell's Story
Planck electric control line model for night flying, Eric Stephen
Pollux Metamorphosis, construction article by Colin Stevens
Power selector for electric models - by Grapher
Power-to-weight ratio tables for cells by Peter Angus
Prop charts from 'A-J' Cady
Propeller copy router, Barrie Russell
Propeller pitch gauge, Barrie Russell
Pure nostalgia - early r/c magazines CD - Stephen Herbert
Pure Nostalgia - Rev Frank Callon Aeromodeller article 1
Quiet engines - Bob Ware
Radio range testing, MacGregor article
R/C Aerial surveillance trials, Pt 1- Malcolm Logan
R/C Aerial surveillance trials, Pt 2 - Malcolm Logan
R/C Record Breakers - world's largest and smallest r/c models
RCV60-SP rotating cylinder valve 4-stroke engine review 
Record breaking in the Sixties - Barrie Purslow
Rediscovering a Vintage Gem - Mike Notter
Re-shaping the SLEC Fun Fly - Tim Costello
Restoring flattened li-po batteries, Del Ray
Reverse Counterboring Gadget - Colin Stevens
Ripmax replies - responses to complaints
Round the Pole article by Andrew Gibbs
Rover's Return - Colin Stevens reminisces on the Rover 90
Running in your engine, Model technics article
Safe for a Fail or Fail Safely - practical points
Sandhays SGA August 2001 Aerotow meet report
Saving modelflight and other web sites
Scale Sailplanes - new soaring magazine launch
Scaling up from a plastic model - article from Gérard Coudenis
Scaling up from a plastic model - alternative systems from Mark Suszko
Scaling and Reynolds Number
Service Life - transmitter reliability article by Gordon Cook
Single Chanel Revisited by Tom Watson
Shape of things to come - gel battery, from Pete Masters
Smoke unit, construction article by Carl Layden
Smooth-Air Flying by Barrie James
So long,engines - hello, motors! Jack DeLisle
Spektrum 2.4 GHz r/c system, with user comments from Roger Stone
Spektrum DX6i transmitter product recall
Spektrum DX7 charger for UK users from Weston UK
Spinner balancing - John Wheater
Steve Bolin's B-17 trip, 2000 
Steve Bolin's B-17 trip, 2001
Street photography with a difference, Johan Bjurling and his aerial photography
Strimmer (weedwhacker) engine conversion, John Wheater
Stubborn Storch - Peter Bunnett
Sunday morning fly-in at Tibble Sports Centre - event report from Tore Loodin
Swan Hill AeroTow report from Chris Carpenter, Australia 
Tailless Twins, or Wither Washout? - Mike Hawkins
Tale of Two Trannies from Tony Whiteley
Taming the Dreaded Tip Stall by Roger Stone
Telebee gyro set up by Frank Drecchio
Testing chrome covering for radio wave resistance, John Wheater
The Beginner - article by David Holmes
The Case of the Exploding Propeller, Tony Whiteley
The cost of soaring - from info supplied by David Simmonds
The Good Old Days - Sprengbrok Tx by Gordon Cook 
The Magic of Electric Flying or Volts and Amps for Dummies, by John Wheater
The Model Flying Movement in Sweden, Tore Loodin
The Original 1903 Wright Engine by Pat Tritle
The Weakest Link -Richard Ray on model restraints
The Wright Brothers big mistake, Tim Costello
This and That, modelling tips from Grapher
Those magnificent men . . . Wright centenary item from Malcolm Logan
Throttle failsafe should be mandatory - Idris Francis
Thunder Tiger engine spares - Colin Stevens
Tony Whiteley's model Halifax - an amusing tale from Tony's flight log
Top Gun 2008 gallery
Tore's Mini-fly Meeting
Tore Loodin, a tribute
Tore's Story - the story of Stockholms Radioflygklubb  
Tore's Tips on post solo training
Transatlantic model flight record attempt 2002
Transatlantic record attempt report 2002
Transatlantic crossing success 2003
Transatlantic crossing 2003, follow-up
Travelling Dynamometer - Stuart Sherlock, Supercool Props
Transport Problem Solved - transporting a bi-plane without de-rigging
Transmitter compatability; BEC controllers- Flying Doctor
Tribute to the late Brian Hirst, Guy Clapshaw
Tribute to David Boddington by Eddie Stocker
Tribute to Dennis Tapsfield, Idris Francis
Tribute to Mike Goldby
Trilogy of Modellers' Tales - three nice stories
Trip back in time for Pat Tritle
Turbojet Technologies TJT 2500 turbojet, product news
Twiglet up North - Gordon Cook's holiday story
Twin Carbs by Hans Steinz
Two Tales of Frustration from Lawrence Cragg
UK frequency flaw? - Colin Stevens
Ultimate Wingtip - Tim Costello
Unusual motor configuration - John Wheater
Useful connections - electric gadgetry from Grapher
Variable CoG fir 3D Prop-hanging, by Barrie James
Vic Longbon memorial ceremony
V-tail control, Nigel Rollason
Watter, Watter . . . Model Air Tech Watter article by Gordon Walker
Wet running-in - How Not to do it! by Colin Stevens
Whatever happened to the r/c Harrier?
What makes an award winning model? A look at Phil Crandon's Albatros
When is a warranty not a warranty - from Tony Whiteley 
Windscreen edging method by Colin Stevens
Wing boxes and tongues, construction article by Geoff Graham
Woodsprings E-fly 2004 report by Paul A Cook
Wright Flyer flight sim project by Pat Tritle
Yesterday's flying session - Tony Whiteley

CLUBS, alphabetical order
495th Squadron, Boston, Mass, USA
Al Ain Model Club, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain
Adelaide Model Aerosport Inc.
Aeromodellers of Western Australia magazine review
Arizona Model Pilots Society
Arvada Associated Modelers, Colorado, USA
Atlantic Society of R/C Modelers, Canada
Avon MAC, UK
Barnaby Lake Flyers, Canada

Bath Model Heli Club, UK
Beverley & District MAC, UK
Blackburn & District MAC, UK
Blackpool & Fylde RCMS, UK
Black Sheep RC Club, S. Carolina, USA
Bloobird Radio Flyers, UK
Bomber's R/C Barnstormers Flying Club, USA
Bromsgrove MFC, UK
Burlington R/C Modellers, Toronto, Canada
Central Arkansas Model Aviators Association
Charles River Radio Controllers, Mass, USA  
Cheyenne R/C Club, Wyoming, USA
Chiang Mai RC FC, Thailand
Chingford MFC, UK
Christchurch & Distric MAC, UK
Christchurch Model Aero Club, New Zealand
Club d'Aeromodelisme Campos, Majorca
Club de Aeromedelos De Chile, Chile
Clwyd Soaring Association, Wales
Clyde Valley Flyers, UK
Colorado Gliders
Constellation MFC, Adelaide, S. Australia
Cornwall Aero Modellers, Ontario, Canada  
Crawley & District MAC, UK

Don Valley MFC, UK
Don Valley MFC, 2009 updated site
Dundee MAC, Scotland, UK
Eastern Thermal Busters, South Africa
East Point Aeromodellers Club, Darwin, Australia
Eglin Aeromodellers, Florida, USA
Epping & North Weald MFC
Exeter & District Radio Control Club, UK
First Weedwacker Aero Squadron, California, USA
Flaming Geyser Flyers, Washington, USA
Fleet & District MAC, UK  
Flying Cardinals, Northern Kentucky, USA  
Fort Smith Flightmasters, Arkansas, USA
Fort Worth Thunderbirds, USA
Frazer Valley RC Flyers, Canada
Frome MFC, UK
Gloucester MFC, UK
Gore Model Aircraft, New Zealand
Greater Cincinnati RCC
Greater Southwest Aeromodelers, Rexas, USA
Greensborough MAC, Victoria, Australia
Hamilton Model Aero Club, Inc., New Zealand
Hastings MFC, UK - new website
Hawk Field Flyers, Texas, USA
Hawkes Bay Radio Flyers, New Zealand
Hereford MAC, UK 
Heswall MAC, UK  
High Peak MAC, UK
High Peak Model Aero Club - web site review
Hill Country Aeromedelers, Austin, Texas, USA 
Hobart Model Aero Club, Tasmania, Australia
Hobart Rotor Sport (heli club), Tasmania, Australia
Holdfast MAC, Adelaide, Australia

Hough End MAC, UK

Illinois Valley Radio Control
Impington Village College MAC, UK
Inverurie District MFC
Iowa City Aerohawks, USA
Irene Radio Flyers, Pretoria, South Africa
JB Model Flying Club, UK
Johannesburg MAC, S. Africa
KAMS (Kalamunda Aeronautical Model Society), W. Australia
K-W Flying Dutchmen, Canada
Latrobe Valley MAC, Australia
Letchworth Model Aeronautical Society, U.K.
Lismore MFC, Australia
Los Buitres de la Cana, Murcia, Spain
Malta Model Aircraft Flying Assoc., Malta 
Malvern Soaring Association, UK
Manx Model Flyers
Melbourne R/C Helicopter Club, Australia
Meridian Model Flyers, Canada
Mid Arkansas RCS (MARCS)
Midnight Sun R/C Club, Alaska, USA
Minnesota Radio Control Electric Enthusiasts, USA
Miramar RCF, California, USA
Mission Wings MFC, B.C., Canada
Modellbaugruppe Radolfzell e.V., Germany
Moore Drive - single rubber drive for twin engined planes, Robin Tuff
Niagara Region MFC, Canada
Northern Ireland Model Soaring Association
Northern Virginia R/C Inc, USA
Northshore R/C Club, Louisiana, USA
North West Aeromodellers, Tasmania
Nottingham RC Society, UK
Nuneaton Aeromodellers Club, UK
Omagh MFC
Orwell Model Helicopter Club, UK 
Palmerston North Aeroneers, New Zealand
PANDAS - Pontefract, UK
Peterborough MFC, UK
Phoenix MFC, Lowestoft, UK
Queensland Radio Control Helicopter Association
Radioflygklubb, background story
Radio Control Club of Rochester, NY, USA
Radio Control Flying Club of Toronto, Canada
RAF Model Aircraft Association, UK
Red Rose Soarers, UK
Rivington Soaring Association, UK
Rolls Royce Bentley Motors R/C MAFC, UK
Roskill Modellers Club, New Zealand
Ross-shire MFC, Scotland
Sandhays Scale Gliding Club, N.Lincs, UK
Screaming Eagles R/C Club, Indiana, USA
Seaton Valley RCMC, Ontario, Canada
S.H.A.R.K.S. (Sheboygan Area RKS), USA
Skymasters RC Club, Detroit, USA 
Sky Rangers Model Flyers, Canada
Southampton Soaring Society #1
Southampton Soaring Society #2
South Cotswold Soaring Association
Southern Soaring League, Adelaide, Australia
South Wales Soaring Association
Snoopy's Squadron, South Africa  
St John's R/C Flyers, Newfoundland, Canada
St John's R/C Flyers new gallery pages
Sun Dancers RCC, Florida, USA
Sutton Park Model Aero Club, UK 
S.W.A.R.M.S., Australia
Telford Model Aero Club, UK
Test Valley MFC, UK
Thames Model Aero club (Blackfeet Fliers), New Zealand 
The Sunday Flyers, Baltimore, US
Tingalpa MAC, nr Brisbane, Australia
Tonbridge Radio Flyers, Kent, UK
Tyldesley Model Flying Club, North West England, UK 
Uniao Bandeirante de Aeromodelisimo, Brazil
Valley Forge Signal Seekers, Phil., USA
Valley Forge Signal Seekers, Phil., USA update 
Warrix Flying Group, UK
Waveney MFC, UK
Werrington Park MAC, Australia
Western R/C Flyers, Nebraska, USA
Westland & Yeovil District AMC, UK 
West Pasco Model Pilots Association, Florida, USA

Wimborne Model Aero Club, UK
World's Smallest Model Aero Club, Australia

Yass Model Aero Club, NSW, Australia
York MAC, UK  

A340 hits the wall!
A380 first flight into London
AA-battery-powered plane - Malcolm Logan
A Couple of Beauties - two Wacos from John Anderson
Adverse Yaw and the Tiger Moth, Dr Mike Hawkins
Aerobatic experience for Jay Whiley
Air Adventures of Charlie, Pt 1 - Charlie Stone
Air Adventures of Charlie, Pt 2 - Charlie Stone
Air Adventures of Charlie, Pt 3 - Charlie Stone
Airbus 380 flight deck panoramic interactive animation - Bill Rogers

FULL SCALE [cont'd]

Airbus A380 maiden flight pics
Air France 447 - downed by water droplets?
Airshow photo site link from Mike Banke
Allan Knight's Yak 52 flight
An Aeroplane called Fred - Eric Clutton's home-build kit
Angel Decoy - C-130 pictures
AR-5 drag analysis, Colin Stevens
Around the World in 80 hours - Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer

B-52 Bomber comes home to Everett's Paine field
Beautiful Boeings, Will Reipl pictures
Boeing's $10m model, from David English
Boeing 40C restoration by Pemberton family
Boeing Blended Wing Airliner - baloney!
Burnelli Enigma - Jose Seymour
Burnelli - more thoughts from Jose Seymour
Burnelli RB-2 - pictures from Alan Heim
Canadair CL215 (Charlie Stone)
CarterCopter Personal Air Vehicle
Challenging the Spitfire by Joseph Seymour
Chino Airshow 2008 pictures by Bernard Zee
Chris Haynes gets airborne
Comet restoration, Arthur Burch
Cresco PAC 750 low flying pictures
Curtiss A-1 Triad reproduction from Bud Carlson
Curtiss A-1 Triad reproduction - more pictures from Bud Carlson
Curtis Pitts and his famous Pitts Special
Dare to be different - Me163B - John Wheater
Darryl Tong's Puzzle Plane - Norman Trislander
'Discovery' hitches a lift
Do dreams ever come true? Discovering a Hornet Moth, Guy Clapshaw
Dornier DO-24ATT on tour
Dr Carl Berman Jnr on the BBC
Easy Built Models
El Centro Airshow 2004, pics by Fred Bruenjes
England to Australia in five decades #1, John Simler
England to Australia in five decades #2, John Simler
Enola Gay refurbishment hoax
Extreme UAVs by David Hamblin
F-18 buzzes apartment
F22A Stealth fighter
Fantasy of Flight Museum visited by Jay Wiley
Farewell, Big Bird - Concorde picture
First female pilot joins Red Arrows
Flight Simulator 737 yoke
Flying Lions Harvard stunt
Flying reports 1917
From Plastic to Full Size (John Beckinsale)
FusionMan jets across the Channel

Goodyear Inflatoplane
Happy Memories from Don Santee's photo album
Harvard flight remembered by John Wheater
Hitler's Stealth bomber replica
Huge helicopter tale, John Wheater
Hunting the chequered Tiger - (hunt for a Tiger Moth)
Hurricane picture by Randy Coniam - very special
Idiot - or just stupid hoaxer? Virgin Blue model incident
I knew 'Her' in 1944 - Leslie Miller on Mike Biddulph's Proctor
In praise of Popham (UK airfield) - Colin Stevens
International Space Station animation, Bill Rogers
Jay Wiley's Texan flight
Jet Boots
Jetman flies in formation
John Anderson's Parks P-2A, Aeronca C-3, Hatz, Baby Ace
John Anderson's Kinner, Bird and P-47
John Anderson's Kinner delivery accident
John Anderson's 'office'
John Anderson's Silvair, Waco
John Anderson's Stearman, Waco
Jones Beach Airshow 2006 pictures
Katalina K-7 - 'fantasy' pictures
Largest Helicopter in the World? Malcom Logan
Macchis for sale (Charlie Stone)
Lightning strike on airliner
Lightning strike on airliner - correction!
Lufthansa Starliner restoration, Frank Marshall
Mach 2 in a MiG 29 - Tom Watson
Mike White's Lightning Experience
Mission Aviation Fellowship Tsunami relief report
Model Making on a Grand Scale - Tangmere Military Aviation Museum
Monocoupe series
More on Guy Clapshaw's buried treasure (Hornet Moth) by Terry Pollock
Mower Power - DA9 Racer - Mike Hawkins
New Plane for MAF - Kodiak 100
One-wing landing video - the questions
One-wing landing video - the answers
Ornithopter Update - Dr James DeLaurier
Oshkosh and other 2007 air show disasters
P-51 Mustang flight by Tom Watson
Paint Shop Pro - airliner painting pics
Pat Tritle's trip aloft (Cub)
Pearse monoplane - Ivan Pettigrew
Percival Proctor Gull restoration by Guy Clapshaw
Percival Proctor Gull restoration latest by Guy Clapshaw
Percival Proctor Gull restoration - engine trials - Guy Clapshaw
Percival Proctor Gull restoration complete - Guy Clapshaw
Pietenpol Aircamper full-size build by Richard Hawke
Piggy-backing - WWII example from Malcolm Logan

Plane Makers A-Z - A for Aeromere F.8.L
Plane Makers A-Z - B for Beech Model 60 Duke
Plane Makers A-Z - C for Cessna 421 Golden Eagle
Plane Makers A-Z - D for Druine Turbulent
Plane Makers A-Z - E for Erco Ercoupe
Plane Makers A-Z - F for Fairey Albacore
Plane Makers A-Z - G for Grumman Bearcat
Plane Makers A-Z - H for Helio Courier & Super Courier
Plane Makers A-Z - I for Interstate L-6 Grasshopper
Plane Makers A-Z - J for Jodel Robin DR400
Plane Makers A-Z - K for Kawasaki Ki-61
Plane Makers A-Z - L for Luscombe Phantom

Plane Makers A-Z - M for Mudry CAPs
Plane Makers A-Z - N for Nardi FN333 Riviera
Plane Makers A-Z - O for Oos Stal-2
Plane Makers A-Z - P for Piper PA-28 Cherokee
Plane Makers A-Z - R for RAF SE5 and SE5a
Plane Makers A- Z - S for Socato Tobago
Plane Makers A-Z - T for Tupolev T-22
Plane Makers A-Z - U for Utva-66
Plane Makers A-Z - V for Vought SBU-1
Plane Makers A-Z - W for Westland Lysander
Plane Makers A-Z - X for XAC JH-7
Plane Makers A-Z - Y for Yak-12 'Creek'
Plane Makers A-Z - Z for Zlin 143
Poor pelican! - Red Bull Air Race bird strike
Porpoising and its cousin the Dutch Roll by Tim Costello
Proctor over the Ranges, Guy Clapshaw
Proctor P34 Mk. 3 restoration project by Mike Biddulph
Proctor P34 Mk. 3 restoration project update
Proctor P34 Mk. 3 restoration update, April 2010
Propeller vortices pictures (Geoff Meekan)
Prue 160 Sailplane, Don Santee
PZL Mielec Dromeder water bomber (Charlie Stone)
RAF Giants - pictures from Bill Rogers
Record flight by solar plane
Relaxing on the beach - St Maarten pics
Rocket Racing League relaunch
Rougham Air Show 2008 pictures
Russian 2007 Air Show, Norm Kirton
Rutan makes a bid for space - SpaceShipOne
RV-8 self-build by Bob Dantzler
RV project of Dan Checkoway
SAI-K2IV air ambulance - Ivan Pettigrew's model subjectSavoia-Marchetti SM55 (Carl Berman Jr) and model (Pat Tritle)
SpaceShipOne success
Space Station tour video link
Skybolt build project, Tony Moore
Spaceship Two Unveiled
Spitfire Mk I - David Glen's static scale model
Spitfire Mk I - detail information of David Glen's model
Spitfire History - Ernest Norris
Spitfire replica build - Guy Clapshaw
Spitfire replica build update - Guy Clapshaw
Stemme S10-VT
Steve Fossett round-the-world non-stop flight record
Steve Fossett missing, hunt continues
Steve Fossett - the final word?
Steve Fossett wreckage found
Stinson L-5 memories, by Mike White
Tales of an Ageing Glider Pilot, pt 1 - Chris Barker
Tales of an Ageing Glider Pilot, pt 2 - Chris Barker
Tales of an Ageing Glider Pilot, pt 3 - Chris Barker
Terrafugia car/plane
The Day a Dream Came True - S55 flight
The strange logic of the Inertial Guidance System
This is your Captain Squeaking - Guy Clapshaw's early flying experience
Tianmen Cave fly-through
Transavia Airtruk (Charlie Stone)
Traveller's Tales by Terry Pollock
Ultimate home built? 2/3 scale P-38
Unmanned Flying Wings come of Age - Ashley Bryant's UAV
US Air Mail Anniversary Flight
Vimy Transatlantic Challenge - Steve Fossett
Vimy replica makes it to Ireland
Virgin Galactic commercial space travel
Vulcan fan, Graham Voss
Westland Lysander at Canadian Warplanes Heritage Museum
Whatever happened to ... Planet Satellite - Peter Holloway
Whatever happened to ... Planet Satellite - The Answer - Peter Holloway
What next for the Guy Clapshaw team? (Comet reconstruction)
Wolves in sheep's clothing - John Wheater
WWII plane 'Rutanised' - novelty picture

4-max folding props and spinners
4-max Spin Ray

A123 Hypersonic Lithium Ion batteries
Aces of Iron pilot figures
Advanced 2.4 GHz transmitters
Aerial tensioner
Aerial-video cameras and systems
Aeroworks Throw Meter
Aerotek fuselage and alignment jig
Aircraft Modelers Research - large scale kits
Air Loisir models
Airsail Piper Tomahawk, product news
Air Scoot electric co-axial RTF heli
Alienator from Ripmax, product news
ANSA Products - Carbon Falcon & Katana-S ARTF
ARC Cessna 177, product news
Aresti 40 from Hangar 9, product news 
ATS Kite Mk 3 & DH71 Tiger Moth, product news
Axel's Scale Pilots - pilots and accessories
Balsa USA 1/4 scale Spad 13
Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey model
Bell X1-S from Sams Models
Benign sanding sealer
BlackFlight Models "Bulldog" Pitts
Bob's Aircraft Documentation
Bob's Aircraft Documentation - now on CD
Bombers Model Shop
brc hobbies - modelflight servo offer extended
brc hobbies brushless motor and ESC
Buzzflight Hummingbird series
Byron Fuel - flight box and model bench
Cermark Ultimate EP ARTF
Classic Aero Sikorsky S-38 and S-39 models
Classic Aero 1/12th scale Sikorsky S-39 & Savoia-Marchetti SM55
Clevis openers  
Chestnut Acrylic sanding sealer
Colour-coded pipework 
Cordless pocket starter, product news
Crafty Computer Paper - DIY decal system
Cub 40/Crazy Panda from World Models
Dare Design range expanding
Dave Blum's One Eighty Two, Manzano Laser Works
DB Sport & Scale's updated scale Spitfire and rigging article
Designs That Fly "Biplane"
DIY heli plug spanner
Dremel Treasure Hunt Xmas 2008 kit
Du-Bro Electro Caddy
Du-Bro pop balancer
Dymond Modelsports "Blitz" flying wing 
Eagle Tree Systems Telemetry and Data Logging
Elation Models - Buddy, Neon, Rapture
Elipsoid glider review by Geoff Graham
Elite Speed 400 review by Brian Collins
Engine kits from Just Engines  
EPP ARTC warbirds from S & B Model Aircraft
'Electric Revolution' DVD from Radio Carbon Art
European Sailplanes - Eraser and Kingfisher models
Eurofighter wallpaper image
Evo engines from Forgues Research
Extreme Vinyl - bespoke decals
Flair C-160 Transall Twin, product news  
Flair fuel level checker  
Flair Multiplex IPD receivers, product news  
Flair Stearman
Flight Data Recorder, Real design
Flight Line model plans - Burd Dawg
Flight Line model plans - Dazzle
Flight Line model plans - Frazzle
Flight Line model plans - Goolie
Flight Line model plans - PE100
Flight Line model plans - PT17
Flight Line model plans - Snazzle
Flight Line Model plans - Sqeek
Flight Line model plans - WattOne
Flight Line model plans - WattNext
Flight Line model plans - WattTwo
Flight Line model plans - Weezzle
Flight Line model plans - Whisp
Flight Line model plans - Wunwuno
FlyCamOne2 on board video camera
FMA Direct lithium polymer power solutions
Foamcraft - EPP foam supplies
Fowler Technology rotor head
Fuel bottle stopper, product news
Futaba 9Z-Wc2 transmitter
Futaba Tx memory clonePAC
Fighterbird from HobbyZone and Model Flight
Firebird XL from Ripmax
Gear puller from Balsa Products 
Graham McAllister Designs new Skybug deal
Graham Whitby's 'High Voltige'
Graupner Ultra Due Plus 50 charger
GreatMate field stand
Great Planes centre marker, product news
Great Planes Seawind
Griffin Models Pou de Ciel 
GWS 262 electric ducted fan Me-262
Halfords sanding block
Hangar 9 CAP 32
Hangar 9 Fairchild PT-19, product news
Hangar 9 Pulse XT40
Hansen Hobbies de luxe crimping tool
Herbie Wheels - scale spoked wheels
Hi-Tec HFP-10 Digital Servo Programmer
Heritage R/C TBM Avenger
Hobby Barn De Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth
Hobby Lobby Senior Telemaster, product news
Hobbico NexSTAR - ? the ultimate ARTF
Hydro Foam Flying Boat - Michael Connolly
Ivan Pettigrew's DH86 plans
Japanese flush cut saws (Alex Swavely)
JB Aviation MerlinLarge-scale disk brakes and engine stand-offs (Aerografixs)
Jenny short kit from Pat's Custom Models
Just Pilots
Littlebirdz glue caddy from Smooth Air
Magnum ARTF from Weston
Millenium Model Services
Mister Mulligan models from Pat Tritle
Model Airplane Colour Design, William Busto
Model Airplane Videos.com
ModelFixings.co.uk wing covers
Model storage
Morris Hobbies Balsa Nova 40 and 40 ARF

Muffit tranny mit, product news  
Multiplex cockpit dials, product news
Multiplex Twin-Jet review by John Duxbury

NitroBlast engine performance enhancer
NitroBlast engine performance enhancer #2
Oracle Turbo Raven - construction article by Barrie Russell
Oregon Scale Aviation - scale flying aids
OzCover covering material
pb engine Australia micro diesel engine
ParkZone tx enhancement from Richard Cox
Penta 5-cylinder engine, new product
Phil Ramsay's Mini Gladiator
Phoenix D111 - 3 Sea Bees Models Inc 
PicoFly Piccolo flight simulator review
Piper Pacer and Tri-pacer from Pats Custom Models
Piper Tri-Pacer from MosquitoBite planes
Piranha 3D Hydo Plane
Potty Productions Breezy Junior
PROPAGTEAM - instrument panels, guages
Pyro kit review from Derick Veliz 
Quality ARTFs from Kavan/Shewsbury MC
RC Planemaster model flight simulator 
RC Planemaster simulator, 2007 update
RealFlight DeLuxe flight simulator review  
Reflex XTR flight simulator
RC Fly Beginners Manual
Ripmax R/C Simulator review
Ripmax Squall!
Royal Evo Transmitter from Multiplex
Safe-Li lithium battery monitoring system
Scale panel instruments - Falcon Aviation
Scallywag Models kit range
Schumacker frequency checker
Seagull Models semi-scale PC Porter
Sebart Shark electric trainer
Simple helicopter field tables
SkyHawk and TwinHawk park fliers from McAllister Designs
Slimline Nitro Powerstation flight box
Smart Fastchargers Universal Microcomputer Charger
Spektrum 2.4 GHz Digital Spectrum Modulator r/c system
Spektrum Air Modules - converting Futaba & JR radios to 2.4 GHz
Spektrum DX8 transmitter
Super Flyin' King from BTE
Team Edge Giant-scale Clipped Wing Cub
Thunder Toger Cessna 177 Cardinal
Tiger Moth 30 ARF from Pacific Aeromodel
Tile Print - plan printing software
Top Flite FW190-D kit review 1 by Allan Knights 
Top Flite FW190-D kit review 2 by Allan Knights

Trainer 40 from Ripmax 
Slow fliers from Al's Hobbies  
Smooth Air Electric Flight Products - gear box, steerable tail wheel
Some amazing control sticks for heli flight sims
SonicTronics model chocks and receiver strong box
SPADFactory Derelict
Spektrum Air Modules - converting your tx to 2.4 GHz
Spektrum DX7 charger for UK users from Weston UK
Supercool Racing Propellers 
Super Whatt meter and Super Nova charger, product news
Sunguards from EZY Flight Training
Tantrum from electric-planes.co.uk
Tornado wallpaper image
TSK Acro Star, new product
Ultrafly Cessna 182
Vertex model from Aero FZD
Voltage checker from i4c products
Watts Up Hobbies - electric flight supplies, kits
Wren MW54 gas turbine kit
YT International J3 Cub

YT International 'mini' Beaver 
Zagi 400 electric   

(Please note that sites may have changed since these reviews. See also CLUBS section for Club web site reviews)

4 Max - electric flight accessories
ABC Try Before You Buy Hobby Shop
Airborne magazine
Aircraft Proving Grounds
Airfield Models - Paul K Johnson
Alan Shipman's Model Aeroplane Web Site
Allen Hunt's Model Airplane Plans
Anglia Model Centre
Andover Model Centre
Andrew's RC Website - Andrew Donatelli
Aerobatics - Australia style
Australian Control Line Nostalgia
Aviation Shoppe - blueprints for sale
Beginners Airstrip
BECC model accessories
BestBitz Ltd - model heli rotor head
Bob Dively Models
Bomber's Hobby Shop
brc hobbies - Brian Collins
Brenton Watkins personal site
Bruce Abbott's personal website
Bumpy Green Model Aerodrome
Burns Model Aircraft
Callie Graphics - bespoke graphics for your models
Canadian Electric Flight
Canadian Warplanes Heritage Museum
Carl Bermans SM55 Page
Carl Layden's CAP 10b
Cascade Rotary Wings
Classic Aero
Classic Aero update
Classic Aero 2008 New Releases
Custom Electronics
Darcey Whyte 'Squirrel'
Dare Design (range expanding)
David Leftley Graphics

Dawnmist - electronic accessories
DB Sport & Scale
DB Sport & Scale - spares and accessories
Dean's R/C Model Site
Depron Foam supplies
D.I.Y. Radio Control
Dr. Diesel - Eric Clutton
EastWindModels - inexpensive plans
E-D Company history on Model Engine News
Electric Ducted Fan kit
Electric Flyer webzine
epanelbuilder.com - instrument panel construction
e-panelbuilder.com - latest version
F4U Corsair - Richard M. Wright
Farley Flight Aviation and Teacup Navigation
First Person View - FPV equipment
Flight Global
Flight HUb - CML 'blog' site
Flight Line Plans
Flyingmodels.org - Fredrik Wergeland's personal site
Flying Sites - the R/C Aero Portal
Flying Steam Engine
Flying Wing - Toni Bäuerle
Franny's Site - Franny Brodigan's personal site
Fredrik Wergeland Model Aviation 
Frog kit free plans - Mike Stuart
Fubar Hill - Eric Kler
Full Size Plans, Roland Friestad
Getting Started in Radio Control
Gibbs Guides.com
Gibbs Guides - new lithium battery guide
glue-it.co.uk - model aviation picture resource
Goleta Air Museum - aviation picture resource
Graham Cowling
Graham's Electric Airport - Graham Reddin
Graham McAllister Designs
Graham McAllister Designs, site update

Garrison Aerodrome

Geoff Norman's Flying Models
George & Lorraine Jarvis
George Luhrs Miniature Model Engines
Grapher's Picture Pages
Great Hobbies - Canadian Hobby Shop
Hargrave Aeromodellers
High Peak Model Aero Club
Indian Aeromodelers
Ivy & Martin's Web Page
Jim Casey's RC Seaplane Webpage
Jim Kiger's ReplicraftK & W Model Airplanes, Inc
Jon Mead's Radio Control Aeroplane Page
K & W Model Airplanes, Inc.
Lighting for Aeromodellers - model nav lights, etc.
Lowflier's Radio Controlled Model Aircraft - George Young
Magazines and books
Magazines and books, revisited

Manzano Laser Works - laser cutting and kits
MAP online plans catalogue
Margaret River Aeromodelling
Martin John Painter's personal website
Mes M@quettes - soaring and instrument panels
metcheck - UK meteorological information
MicroFlight - Johan Bjurling
Mike's flying scale model pages - free flight
Mike Upton's LiteSTIK e-group
Model Aircraft Noise Reduction - Dr Miles Witham
Model Airplane Color Design software review
Model Aviation's Sport Aviator ezine
Model Engine Spares - Lionel Kirby
ModelFixings - nuts, bolts, screws, fixings of every kind
Model-making - model aircraft in flight pictures
Model Mania - Aiden Duffy
Model Planes - Malcolm Corbin
My Mission - Carl Bachhuber's personal website
My Mission - Carl Bachhuber's website - 2009 update
Open Source Audio
Parkjets, Depron foam jet models
Paul & Ralph Bradley's Model Airplane Page
Phil Hayward's personal website
Perth R/C Models

Pierre's Planes, The Electric Squadron - Pierre Ulisse
Pete's Planes - Peter Angus
Plans.AeroFred.com - free r/c plans
PL Daniels trading as NQRC
Potty Productions - Fred Steer
Potty Productions - more classic plans
Profil 2 and IsiPlot plan-making software
Pyramid Models - decals, cockpit panels, logo sets, etc.
Radio Carbon Art
Radio Control Flying Scale Designs - Chris Davies-Garner
Radio Control Hall of Fame
Radio Control TV - on-demand TV channel from Graham Cowling
Randy Linderman's personal website
RC Airplane Parts Inventory - software
RCDon.com - Don Giandomenico
RCezine relaunch
RC Model Auction
RC Model Reviews - Bruce Simpson
RC Models
RCportal 2005 update
RC PowerSupply.com
RC Simulators - Gary Moscardini
Rotorworld heli magazine
Rupert Kosmala's HA-1
Saito Engines by Brenton Watkins
Scott's Page - Scott Quinn
See How It Flies - aeronautics e-book by John S Denker
Sliders Domain - Marc de Douallier
Slope Flyer magazine
Small Flying Arts - Bhagat Dhillon
smAll Things Aviation - Stefan Vorkoetter
Stick & Rudder Aviation Photography
Southern UK Model Flying - Tom Graham
Stephans Modellflugseite (Model Flying Pages), Stephan Brehm
Strictly Scale
Sullivan accessories
Supercool Racing Propellers
Svenson's Free Model Plans
Team Tracon
The Aerodrome
The Electric Flight Store - Ian Ankers
Tony's Model Planes - Tony Whiteley's personal site
UK Wind forecasts
U-Control 2000
UK Airports
UK Met Office
Uttam's Aeromodelling Website
Virtual Aircraft Museum
Wannafly dot com - Rod Dantzler
WebTrak - airplane activity tracking
West Cumbria R/C Flyers #1
West Cumbria R/C Flyers #2
Williams Brothers Model Products
Wings Publishing
World Control Line Championships 2006
Wulfman's Hangar
X-list plans

Young C. Park's metal masterpieces



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