may 2010
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Here's a newly launched web site that you may find of interest ...

"Keep up to date with all the latest news and reviews from the world of RC flying. Brought to you by the new CML Distribution Flight Team," states this new web site, launched by CML Distribution on Friday 2nd April (Good Friday). The site describes itself as primarily a blog that will be updated frequently by the CML Flight Team. I'm not sure why it is regarded as a blog - it just seems like a commercially driven magazine type site pure and simple!

I must admit that initially I found it difficult to understand the structure of the site. The Home page carries details of the Ten Most Recent Articles on the site. Links to other sections headed Articles, Flight News, How To, Product Reviews and Tips from the Team bring up material described as an archive sorted into those particular categories together with material that has appeared previously. The same material will appear from one section to another where it can be regarded as fitting more than one category. There are also direct links to a chronological archive which confused me even further and I was also a bit puzzled how a site that started on 2nd April can have archive material dated March - a bit like those magazines which have Readers' Letters from their very first issue!

The site is, of course, commercial in nature so there are plenty of adverts and commercial links to divert you and, surprisingly, links to a couple of model flying clubs under the Our Friends banner. The layout of the site is a little unusual, in that the two right hand columns remain the same for every page of the site, one carrying a 'featured video' and a sort of site index, whilst the right-most column is mostly adverts and commercial links.

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