Issue no. 154
March 2010

Hi friends,

modelflight has a genuine exclusive this month as I bring you news of a novel electronic control system for indoor free flight models that has never been published elsewhere. Conceived and produced by Gordon and Paul Cook of Flight Line Plans, I am convinced that this is going to be a winner among indoor free flight enthusiasts. You can read all about it on air space.

There is a change to the way links to other web sites are handled on the pages of modelflight this month, which is explained on talking point. It's nothing major, and brings modelflight into line with the way links are handled on most web sites and with which you may be more familiar, so it should save you losing your connection when returning to modelflight from a linked site.

The busiest page as far as contributions to this month's issue is concerned is workshop, with progress being reported on eight different projects, no less (including Franny's Valkyrie which continues to produce expressions of admiration and envy!). The busy page probably reflects that so many of us in the northern hemisphere have been unable to fly due to the unusually severe winter that has been experienced in many places. I am hoping that this might mean we can look forward to seeing some cracking new models on 'gallery' in the coming months, contributions to which seemed a bit down for this issue.

It was pleasing to hear that Franny Brodigan's lovely Albatros that was featured on the cover and gallery pages of modelflight January 2010 won first place in the Masters section of her club's 'You Built It' competition in January. Congratulations, Franny!


On the cover, Phil Hayward's Pegasus scale slope soarer; see more on gallery.


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