Issue no. 128
January 2008 



Jay Wiley's E-Flite Taylorcraft, featured on workshop and gallery..
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Hi friends,

Many thanks to all who sent me Christmas Greetings, many of which were coupled with expressions of appreciation for modelflight and the enjoyment you get from it - just the encouragement I need!

Norm Kirton very kindly sent me some DVDs featuring a variety of model flying films taken over the years which I have been enjoying; when I sent him an email expressing my thanks for his kindness he replied, "Take it as a token of appreciation for the work you do, selflessly, for the benefit of aeromodellers worldwide. And especially since you are not blind to all aspects of aeromodelling, be it Free Flight, Control Line or Radio Control." I particularly appreciated Norm's comment about 'all aspects of aeromodelling' as I am always dead keen to feature pictures, articles, projects, etc., on any of the disciplines within model flying and would certainly like to see more on free flight, soaring and control line. Interestingly, Geoff Peacock also raised the subject of control line flying - I've published his query and the reply I sent to him on this month's talking point.

With Herb Sieger's original Early Birds project to catalogue all successfully flown powered airplanes for the period 1903 - 1913 virtually complete, I asked him if he might like to extend the project to a second volume to complete the first twenty years of powered flight, i.e., up to and including 1922. I am delighted to tell you that Herb accepted the challenge, and this month sees the launch of Volume II of Early Birds, subtitled Early War (and other) Birds covering the period 1914 - 1922. It is shown as a separate entry in the modelflight navigation menu.

This issue sees the conclusion of seven years of modelflight and, as is now traditional with the January issue, you will find a re-run of all the cover shots that have appeared over the last calendar year appearing on the gallery page. Actually, entries for the gallery page have tailed off over the last couple of issues, but I am keen to see more of your models on the site, together with a brief specification which is always of real interest. The gallery page remains my favourite page of the site - I just love to see the models you make!

It also seems traditional that I get itchy fingers to do a bit of re-design at this time of the modelflight calendar. However, having introduced several new features in comparatively recent issues, I have confined myself to a minor re-think of the former 'post box' page, now renamed mailbox!

Thanks for all of your many contributions over this last year of modelflight - I very much look forward to what you may have to offer as modelflight moves into its eighth year of publication!

A Happy New Year to one and all!


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