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ABC Try Before You Buy Hobby Shop

ABC Try Before You Buy Hobby Shop is the retail shop of Clarence Ragland and 'goes where no hobby shop has gone before' - providing a Try Before You Buy service of almost every type of model aircraft manufactured.

The website, however, is set up mainly to promote various training programmes in which Clarence has a passionate interest, rather than offer the wares of his shop. First and foremost there is his own Ragland Technique of non-buddy box training which he offers to shop customers and others through his flight school (see this month's air space), then there are a couple of links referring to the GEAR UP program for post-secondary education for low-income students on which Clarence and some other model flyers have had some input, and finally a link to A.C.O.R.N.S. (Aeromodeling Club Organized to Recruit Newcomer Students) - a unique flying club exclusively for young students to learn to fly and then progress to becoming flight instructors themselves.



Bombers Hobby Shop first got a mention on modelflight in the April 2004 issue, soon after David 'Bomber' Pahuta and his mom Jayne had launched the business, with some encouragement from Clarence Ragland, who trained Bomber to fly.

At that time, Bomber was a licensed dealer for just Great Planes and Horizon Models but has since added considerably to his list of dealerships, as well as setting up a website to promote the business.

A little bird tells me that Jayne is hoping to learn to fly this year - best of luck, Jayne!

This is Bomber's neat and tidy little website, providing a glimpse inside his Aladdin's cave of a shop.

Bomber's stock includes a large selection of brand name RC planes, trucks, and accessories, like Hanger 9, Great Planes, Sig, Goldberg, Duratrax, Traxxas, Futaba, JR, OS, Saito, Thunder Tiger - and more.

Gas, glow, and electric planes and trucks are stocked along with a full line of accessories, as you can see. If you can't get to visit the shop, orders can be placed by 'phone or email.

A unique feature of Bomber's Hobby Shop is the well-maintained airfield and club which goes hand-in-hand with the the business and of which Bomber is the President. You will find the club - Bomber's Barnstormers R/C Flying Club - featured on this month's club scene.

The shop website is at


"I don't know how to describe this particular website, Reg. I'll have to leave it up to you!"

So wrote Colin Stevens in introducing it. He then added, "It's a wonderful compendium of pictures and information ..." which turned out to be a good enough description anyway!


Wings Publishing

Kevin Breen, the man behind this website, describes it as being intended "to serve as an outlet for my eclectic interests in the colorful and flamboyant period in aviation history known as the Golden Age, the years between 1919 and 1939."

It's one of those websites where the more you look, the more you discover. There are four main sections to the site, covering aviation history (The Beacon), a collection of fascinating paintings (Winged-Brush Art Gallery), a great resource of photos, colour plates and 3-views for model makers (Virtual Modeler's Workshop) and a list of Golden Age aircraft, scenery, and other flightsim-related files (The Flightsim Page). Within each of those main sections you will find sub-menus and listings leading you to an absolute wealth of material.

Wings Publishing can be found at