Issue no. 107
April 2006 

Hi friends,

I nipped in to my local model shop the other day to replenish my stock of adhesives and was very interested to see a brand new product on sale that I reckon electric devotees are going to welcome. I am particularly pleased to bring it to your attention as it is manufactured by a local guy with more than 20 years experience in both professional and consumer electronic products and distributed by my local shop, Whipton Crafts and Models, Exeter, UK. Take a look at it on this month's market place, and please mention modelflight when you place your orders simply to show these chaps where their support has come from!

Australia is often referred to as a land of extremes and there are a couple of examples of it on this issue's club scene page - from a radio-controlled plane ready-to-fly at under 1 gram to a couple of guys who travelled 2,780 kilometres just to attend a model flying show! Talk about from the gor' blimey to the ridiculous!

There's a new item on the freebies page this month - a CAD viewer and printer from Evolution Computing that can handle the .dxf and .dwg plan files that are also to be found on the freebies page.

When reporting the demise of my new model Cessna last month, I think I must have come over more doleful than I meant to, since my comments gave rise to a surprising number of responses encouraging me to get on with building something else - indeed, some were more like admonishments for sounding so negative! "Get up on that horse and ride," said one, whilst another instructed me to "Get the fire on in the shed and get building! You know it makes sense." One very kind reader actually offered to donate engine spares to get me going again and Glue and Patience were prescribed (too late!) by yet another - see postbox. Anyway, thanks for your kind commiserations and encouragements - glad to say the negative mood soon passed and I have assembled another ARTF which had a successful maiden flight just a day before this issue went up to the web - it's a Bellanca Decathlon from Seagull and there's a shot of it on the gallery just to prove it!

Regards to all and a Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it.

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