The Tonbridge Radio Flying Club was formed in 1966 as a club specifically for Radio Control flying enthusiasts, rather than a model club catering for all types of activities.

In 1970 the club applied for membership of the Tonbridge Sports Association (T.S.A). The T.S.A fought hard to obtain a permanent flying site for the club, and the club was rewarded with a site at Tonbridge sewage works. This site was accepted and it was not long before the club had earned the the nickname 'the sewerside pilots' (Suicide)! As the club now operated from within the town it was felt that the membership level should be raised and new membership applications soon flooded in. Currently, the club offers two types of membership - full membership and gliding only - with membership priority being given to those living within a specific radius of the town, if necessary.

In 1974 the club moved to a new site at West Malling Airfield. The Airfield was being used by 618 Glider School, and after a some negotiations they allowed the club to use the site. Thegliding school, however, was evicted from West Malling in 1994, and everybody at the club was sad to see them go. The Club itself met the same fate at the end of September 2001. Tonbridge Radio flyers have now moved to a new site at Edenbridge in Kent, UK.

The club has a neat and tidy website, although some pages are stated to be under construction, whilst others could do with a bit of updating! All the same, the site carries information on the club's history, as quoted above, membership and flying information, etc., and includes a gallery displaying a selection of fixed wing and helicopter models.

Meet Jim Brown, one of the club members, on personal profiles.


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