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New Cat-on-the-Corner is John O'Brien's 'Welan' (named after a wrecking company!), just arising after a hard day at the office in Adelaide, South Australia. This picture is a giant thumbnail, click it for a slightly enlarged version. Send a picture of your moggie and he or she could occupy this place of honour!


Here's a West Midlands, UK, company that I haven't come across before, but whose range of models and quality ethos rather appealed to me!

Scallywag Models stemmed from Dave Miller's lifetime fascination with anything to do with the world of R/C scale modelling. There was always the desire to push the models to their limits, by improving the performance or by modifying the design.

It seemed natural, then, that this hobby evolved into a new business venture, starting with an extensive flight development programme where new designs were flown and modified until the right balance of engineering and performance was achieved.

Dave Miller was determined that the Scallywag range of models would only be available to the enthusiast when the product was such that it's reliability, performance, and quality could be assured. It would seem that the Scallywag stand is going to be much in evidence at all the major UK shows this year!

The Scallywag range consists of three very similar-looking models with progressively larger wingspans, each capable of outrageous manoeuvres, including prop-hanging, flat spins and near- vertical landings! Pictured here is Scallywag 3 (£169.95), the largest of the fleet with a wingspan of 1830 mm. Scallywag 2 (£89.95) has a span of 1220 mm and Scallywag 1 (£62.95) comes in at 920 mm. Scallywag 1 is offered as an ideal first model for the complete novice and will encourage you to rapidly advance your skills as a pilot. Additionally, there is the Scallywag Sport (£119.95) which is a low-wing model developed from the high-wing funfly Scallywag 1. It has the same wing section which creates a highly manoeuverable and aerobatic model, 'with more of a scale appearance for the discerning flyer'.

Also in the range is this very attractive glider, the Samurai (£59.95), with a wingspan of 1825 mm and designed for slope-soaring or thermaling from a bungee or tow-line launch from a flat field. Scallywag Models consider this to be an excellent first model as an introduction to glider flying.

The construction of all Scallywag models is built up, including the wings. With regards to hardware, all kits are complete with fuel tank, control snakes are fitted, all the bearers and fittings are supplied for radio installation. In short, to complete the model you require radio, engine and a prop.

Take a look at the Scallywag website, where contacts and ordering details will be found. It's at http://www.Scallywagmodels.co.uk


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