Send details of your model project, together with a picture or two, and we will follow the progress of your build from the time you open the kit to that first test flight! Don't feel you have to chronicle every step, unless you want to. Just send an occasional picture or two and an explanatory note and we can catch up with your progress from time to time on this page.
llThis is Matt Halton's very nice Top Flite P47 which featured here recently. Submit something for the next issue and let us watch your model in the making!










John Marchant's Balsacraft Xtreme

Take a look at John Marchant's Balsacraft Xtreme in the making. John is hoping to go for his BMFA 'B' Certificate with this model.

The builder is Reg Marchant - John's dad - and John promises some finished photos as soon as it is covered.

Click this over-sized thumbnail for a full-screen view of John's model - a very nice piece of building work.


Derick Veliz's Rally XP from Herr

On our last issue, we saw Derick's finished CSD Radar and I concluded the item by saying to Derick, '. . . we're ready and waiting for your next project'. We haven't had to wait for very long - here is is already building again!

Here's what Derick says about the project so far;

" I just started my new Rally XP and it's fun!

"Easier than Lego, took me less than 40 minutes to build the fuselage - not bad for an ARF pilot!

"I'm going to use a Speed 280 with 4·7 x 2·4 CAM folding prop, 26mm Graupner spinner."

Derick is planning on using a power pack of 7 cells x 250 Nicads and has a target weight of 10 oz ready-to-fly for this 48·25 wingspan electric glider mini-plane (it has a 247·6 square inch wing area).

Derick will welcome any suggestions for covering, if anyone has any ideas.

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