hotchpotch n. medley; dish of many ingredients

. . . and that's what this page is all about. Tell us about anything else at all of general interest or amusement - as long as it's decent and inoffensive!

Share something of your other interests and hobbies or those of your family, be they amateur dramatics, arts and crafts, gardening, horse-riding, model railways,  pets, photography or whatever. Let's see the new baby, hear about your kids, your spouse, partner or girl/boy friend and their achievements, the new house, etc., etc. From Academic to Zany, it's all welcome on this page (subject to the discretion of the editor)!


Very special congratulations to Pam and Carl Layden from Newfoundland, Canada, on the birth of their little son LOGAN RYAN who was born four weeks early on January 13th, weighing in at 4lbs 14oz. Carl is President of the Atlantic Zone of the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada and flies with St. John's R/C Flyers, Newfoundland.



Derick Veliz has been aloft with one of his camera ships whilst it was actually snowing recently and here is the result. Nice one, Derick.

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