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Issue 53
January 26th, 2002


Hi Friends,

Welcome to a slightly re-designed ModelFlight! I thought that with the commencement of the third year of the site, it might be good to refresh the image just a bit. All I have done is to put the navigation menu into a frame which will remain in view whilst viewing the main pages and thus make moving round the site even easier than before! I've also removed the ModelFlight header from the top of each page, and changed a typeface and a background colour or two. I hope you like it!

You might also have noticed that I have changed the name of this page from home page to club house, partly just for fun and partly because it does not really function as a conventional home page, since once you've read it there is no requirement to return to this page any more than any other - maybe even less, come to think of it!

So, welcome to the first issue of year 3. I derive a great deal of pleasure out of the challenge of getting a new issue of ModelFlight out every two weeks and I offer you my thanks for all your contributions and for the friendship of so many of you. Your input is very welcome and vitally important if we are to keep this thing going!

A personal highlight for me since the last issue was to receive a 'phone call from Steven Bolin and his wife Joanne - First Lady of ModelFlight - from their home in Kent, Washington, USA. My e-mail contact with Steven on model flight topics, which started way back on #9 in May 2000, has developed into a real friendship now with him and Joanne and we regularly share family news over the net. To actually speak to them and their 12-year old son, Seth, on the 'phone was great! Because it has all come about through my little endeavours here on the site, I thought I would just share that with you - sentimental old so-and-so that I am!

The ModelFlight archive is still working, but issues 48 - 52 will not be accessible until I have finished transferring the whole of the archive to a new server. Links are in place for those missing issues, but for the moment they will not get you anywhere!

Regards to all,

60 South View Gardens • Andover • Hants • SP10 2AQ • UK

All we know about this lovely model is that it was flown at a scale rally that Tom Watson attended in Sydney, Australia, at the end of December 2001. Tom has sent a lovely set of photos from this rally, some of which are featured on club scene, along with his report of the event. Click the minipic on the left to return to the cover screen or the thumbnail on the right to see a larger unobscured view.


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