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Here's where we take a look at other websites of model-flight interest. It might be a commercial site or one belonging to another enthusiast or specialist group. Let me know if you've come across a nice site that you think is worth a look - it could, of course, be your site if you let me know your URL!


Here's a company that I thought you might find of interest.

BOB DIVELY MODELS is a USA company from Wood Ridge, New Jersey, with a range of rather special and unusual products in addition to a lovely selection of scale kits.

pitts.jpg (20147 bytes)The kits cover a good range of classic aircraft such as the Pitts S-2 pictured here, Stearman PT-17, SU-2 Vought Corsair Biplane and others of their ilk, mostly in the 1/4 - 1/6th range, as well as a small but interesting choice of sports models like the t-bird.jpg (18596 bytes)very affordable T-bird in the lower picture. Of wood construction and with quality accessories, they certainly appear to be very attractive models. 

As well as their kits, though, Bob Dively Models also produce a rather unusual range of accessories in the form of beautiful cockpit interiors, dummy radial engines, wheel pants and retract wheel wells, plus their 'copied but never duplicated' liquid masking film - oh, and a rather fun 'crash test' dummy pilot. The accessories are available not only for their own models, but also for an extensive range of other well-established scale models on the market as well as a few generic sets for general application. If you're looking for something special to finish your scale model, it's well worth looking at this site to see if there's something there you can use.

All cockpit interiors are vacuformed from .030 thick high impact styrene plastic. They include the dash panel, seat side panels, consoles, stick, boot, floor panel, rudder pedals and self adhesive instrument and placard decals. The detail is crisp and precise. Prices range from just under US$19 for a 1/8th scale Spitfire (Pica) interior to  US$43 for the Ziroli P-38 Lightning.

Here's that dummy pilot I mentioned (US$4.95) - put him in your cockpit if you dare!


Visit Bod Dively at www.bobdivelymodels.com 



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