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If your national flag isn't shown, it's because you haven't written to ModelFlight yet . . . !


My thanks to STEVEN BOLIN, GARY CLEMANS-GIBBON, GEOFF GRAHAM, TIM HEATH (thanks son!) and MARTIN WILKINSON for their kind comments on the last issue.



 Here's ZDENEK DRBL from Czechoslovakia

My name is ZDENEK  DRBAL and I live at the border between Czechoslovakia and Germany. Me and my friends fly with R/C models and I like to see the photos of the models. Thank you very much for this web-site and photos. Good luck and I wish you the same number of starts and landings.


Thank you, Zdenek, and it's really nice to hear from you.

Zdenek is our first contact from Czechoslovakia, so up goes a new flag. Norway's flag is also up for the first time through Dan Nygård's contribution of a personal profile.


JOHNNY HOLLINSHEAD, UK, was interested in Jim's Futaba memory extension plug-in that I mentioned on #38:

I hope your friend Jim is a good friend because I for one would be interested in a copy of his design. And I'm sure many others will be. By the way Friday Skivers are going strong now "summer" has arrived.

Jim tells me that he got the details of the ComPAC clone from off the web. He was going to try and design something himself when someone else told him it had already been done, so he decided not to try and 'reinvent the wheel'!

The site address is


I've had a look at the item and, although it's too technical for me, it is certainly nicely detailed and set out for those with some knowledge of electronics.

Nice to hear from you, of course, Johnny; glad the Skivers are having fun!


Bob Nicol, UK, sent me these charming pictures. They are the work of artist Jim Moore from USA and come from his web site at http://www.woodywings.org - a lovely contribution to stress relief, as Jim puts it; they are reproduced with Jim's kind permission.

woody.jpg (57724 bytes)woodcopter2.jpg (15891 bytes)practise.jpg (40699 bytes)woodstinson.jpg (18599 bytes)

Thanks for the pics, Bob and Jim. By the way, Bob, are you flying at High Peak yet or are the foot and mouth restrictions still in place?


My good friend STEVEN BOLIN, USA, responded to my request for advice on glueing canopies:

I can make a suggestion on adhesives for your windows.

 I have used something called RC-56 for plastic canopies which dries clear. Its consistency is similar to aliphatic glue. If you get any squeezed out onto the surface you don't want, its a simple matter of using a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe it off. You may have to use pins or tape to hold them on till they dry. Of course this would be from the inside.


  And good old TORE LOODIN, Sweden offers this:

Don't use cyano. It dims the celluloid and easily runs over the material. I always use carpenters' white glue and fix the windows in the corners until the glue has dried. This glue dries transparent and you have plenty of time to place the windows in the correct place. If you smear the glue on the wrong places, you can take the smear away with a piece of wet toilet paper. There is also a glue called Elmers glue, a sort of a little thicker white glue, which is sold for just this sort of work for modellers.

Again, your friend


Thank you, gents. What a joy this hobby is - there's always someone on hand to offer help and advice!


Spare my blushes, gents (but I like it, really!)
GEOFF GRAHAM, UK, likes the new ModelFlight archive . . .

Well Reg, Old Sport, WHAT A FANTASTIC ISSUE IS No 38.

In so many different ways too. The content is full of superb stuff - clock that communal field table - Wow! Thanks for the Sandhays Scale Gliding Association publicity too. [Sandhays SGA is Geoff's club that was featured on #38].

The archive development is an astonishing achievement and such a wonderful benefit to your ever growing tribe of readers.

I have just purchased a hand made gearbox from one of those exceptional guys within the modelling fraternity. Mr Thorpe was mentioned in BMFA News recently - Graham McAllister's electric column-and makes a number of things for electric flight. These include a wide range of gearboxes and just what I have been looking for, a gear pinion puller! Furthermore, these are very modestly priced. Gearboxes £25 and the puller £6. I'll let you have a report with pictures for next issue.

Congratulations once again and long may you produce these fortnightly aeromodelling sherberts!

Thank you, Geoff, you're most kind!

Geoff has been busy on his club website; it looks completely different from when I reviewed it on the last issue - go and have a look by clicking on this new logo he's developed for the club.


. . . and so does GARY CLEMANS-GIBBON, UK 


I don't know what to say, the archive is fantastic . . . Your site is superb and I for one can see the IMMENSE amount of work that goes into it.

Thanks for the kind mention, too, that's appreciated. [I mentioned Gary's RC Pages site that was also reviewed on RC Model World alongside ModelFlight.]

I have a kit review with photos for you (when I can write it up) and also a nice site for you to review/visit .

Thank you for your kind words, Gary. Gary's kit review appears on air space.

The ModelFlight archive is hosted on angryrhino.net - Gary's web hosting company. If you are looking for web hosting services at extremely reasonable rates then this really is the place to go. 

If you've got any gear for sale or are looking for something particular, try Gary's totally FREE (no catches, honestly!) web advertising service at RC Pages - it's a brilliant idea! 



GLENN WHITENER runs a very interesting web site dedicated to providing links to many hobby-related sites - not just r/c modelling, but hosts of other interests. He kindly wrote to tell me that he had added ModelFlight to his site and I am happy to reciprocate with a permanent link on our appropriate links page. I asked Glenn if he happened to be into r/c modelling himself, and here's his reply:

Hi... thank you for your response and your reciprocal link.

I revisited your site and am thinking about your invitation to submit some material that may be of interest.

I am now retired and have been a modeler since the mid 50s. Starting with control line.. then free flight and then R/C in the days of the first commercial radios , transmitters etc. I basically quit flying about 6 years ago because I was taking coumadin ( a blood thinner ) and it added the worry of my getting my finger in a prop and the fear of profuse bleeding. So I now concentrate most of my energies into this computer and am currently swamped with revisions and updates... especially since I have added the models directory section.

I will be happy to correspond at a later date and send you some things that may be of interest.

If you are into computers also I will also send you a copy of the design programs I developed in the mid 80s. These programs were the FIRST model aircraft design computer programs to be produced on a commercial basis and I understand they still have the original discs on display at the AMA. They have been used by several manufacturers and I still correspond ocassionally with the engineer with Carl Goldberg. He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You have a very nice site, a good idea and it will be a pleasure to watch your development.


Glenn Whitener.

Thanks for that, Glenn. Here's hoping you will be able to find time to send us some material (but I do know how much time looking after a web site can take!)

Glenn's web site is at www.weblinksonline.com and you can go direct to the r/c directory via www.weblinksonline.com/RC.htm - but do take a look at the rest of the site!


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