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It's true! It would be good to meet YOU on this personal profile page, so please join the fun and send some details of yourself, your family, modelling and other interests and anything else you care to tell us about, and let's get to know you!

You can either e-mail your information from the post-box at the foot of this page or use the Response Form below - and if you've got a picture of yourself, so much the better!


Meet DON COE, whose lovely scale model Turbulent appeared on last issue's opening screen.
DON is an Architectural Illustrator who lives in East Sussex, UK. He is Chairman and Fellow of the Society of Architectural Illustrators and his signature appears on thousands of line and wash sketches commissioned by many of the world's leading architects, designers and developers. He is also a keen motor-cyclist.

Don is also a life-long aero-modeller. He has been modelling since 1938 and is now 70 years old, which makes him just a lad of six or seven when he started.

Don was a founder member of the Croydon Airport Model Flying Club and would very much like to hear from anyone in that club. Contact Don at doncodes@mistral.co.uk  Don is now a member of Tunbridge Wells Model Flying Club.

Currently on Don's building board:
1/5 sc BE2e from Dennis Bryant drawings.
1/4 sc SE5a from ---do---
1/4 sc SE5a from Duncan Hutson kit
1/4 sc Aviatik Berg D1 from own drawings.
1/4 sc Nieuport 11 from own drawings.
Indoor CO2 Avro 504, Blackburn Monoplane, Puss Moth all from kits.
Recently completed and still flying:
1/5 sc DH82 Tiger Moth from Dennis Bryant drawings
1/5 sc Nieuport 17 from own research & drawings.
1/5 sc P40 Warhawk from Top Flight kit.

donsmarinemaster.jpg (18990 bytes)See an example or two of Don's fine scale models on the photo gallery.

The tiled background image here is a sample from Don's portfolio. Click the thumbnail to see the picture and take a look at Don's professional web site at http://www3.mistral.co.uk/doncodes to see more of his beautiful artwork. 



Dan is a 17-year old model flight enthusiast who has been enjoying the hobby for the last five years.

Dan lives in Flora, Norway - our first Norwegian contact, in fact!

Dan flies a Tiger Stick 40, 150cm wingspan and fitted with an MDS ·48 engine. His transmitter is the Hitec 5X.

Other models in Dan's collection are a Pibros Combat Wing (80cm wingspan, 250g in weight) which he made of Depron and tape and a Dynaflite Skeeter



Join in the fun, send ModelFlight an e-mail and tell us about yourself, your family, hobbies and interests, what you do for a living, how long you've been model-making, what club you belong to, etc. - in fact as much or as little as you see fit. Include a picture of yourself if you can.  

Your e-mail address will be shown unless you specifically ask for it not to appear. Picture files ideally need to be in JPG format for best colour reproduction and to minimise time on-line.

If you want to send me pictures by conventional mail, my address is

Reg Heath, 60 South View Gardens, Andover, Hants, SP10 2AQ, UK


This form is provided purely for your convenience - leave any sections blank if you so wish! The scrolling boxes will take as much information as you care to insert, so feel free!

Name :

E-mail address :

Personal Website URL :

Age : years Occupation :

Home town & country :

Spouse/partner's name :

Children's names (and ages, if you wish) :

Types of model you fly (i.e., fixed-wing, helicopter, glider, etc.) :

Details of your models (i.e., make, model, wingspan, engine size, etc.) :

How long have you been in the hobby : years

Model Flying Club :

Club website address :

Other hobbies, interests, activities, comments & information :


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