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  • Here's an item or two from the latest catalogues, magazine advertising or websites  - not  necessarily all new products on the market, but items large and small that will be of interest. 
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Keen to get into gas turbines but don't want to take out a second mortgage? Then here is where you can buy all the bits to build one yourself for 699.

greenmw54.jpg (10886 bytes)This is the beautiful MW54 UNIT developed by WREN TURBINES LTD which I saw at the recent Gas Turbine Builders Association meeting referred to on clubscene #38.

The engine is an inexpensive light-weight powerful unit that provides entry level for the first time turbine flyer as well as allowing the more experienced jet modeller to experiment with twin engine installations and to fly simple one-piece models that easily fit in a standard car. WREN state that the kit is simple to make over a 2-3 day period. Complete engines are available from Simon Peckham who has been approved by Wren to assemble engines for those who do not wish to assemble their own.

Wren also specialises in the design and production of a wide range of small turbine wheels and cast Nozzle Guide vanes for small jet engines. The range includes 55mm dia and 66 mm dia axial flow turbine wheels and cast guide vanes and shortly will include a 45mm dia turbine wheel and guide vane. Wren are the first company to make and supply gas generator turbines and power turbine wheels for small shaft power units. The range will continue to expand and the company welcomes enquiries for wheels of other sizes. Wren only supplies wheels that have been fully inspected, X-rayed and certified. All wheels meet the requirements of AMS-STD-2175 grade "B". Wren is now one of the largest producers of small turbine wheels in the world.

The designer, Mike Murphy, has been one of a handful of people in the world to successfully design and build small turboshaft engines, with his famous turbo prop that has been run on countless demonstrations at model flying events and at the International Model Engineer Exhibition in London. Mike designed and made his successful turbine powered helicopter , one of the first to fly in the world. It flew before a large crowd at the 99 World Jet Masters.

The company is committed to supplying the homebuilder with quality parts and plans so that he can make the engine from scratch if so desired.

There is now a kit of the MW54 available at 699 in both thrust and gas generator versions - most parts in the kit are machined, but there are holes that need drilling and tapping.

WREN are also developing an even smaller gas turbine engine, the MW60. This unit has a main body of only 105mm in length, 195mm with inlet and exhaust cones fitted.

Get full details and order on-line at www.wren-turbines.com 



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