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If your national flag isn't shown, it's because you haven't written to ModelFlight yet . . . !


My thanks to GEOFF GRAHAM, TORE LOODIN and GARY WRUCK for their kind comments on the last issue.

Welcome to GARY CLEMANS-GIBBONS, JOHN CRYAR, ANDY GISBY, DAVID KIDD, DAVE (?JERMY) and TIM SMITH who have all contacted ModelFlight for the first time and joined the mailing list


GEOFF GRAHAM flies from an extremely remote flying site, but it's got problems . . .

Geoff writes ". . . we get the most appalling RF interference even there and I would like your U.K. readers to respond through your site if they too are getting this. We can perhaps promote a campaign through BMFA if that is the case.

I frequently do a range check and to give you some idea of the magnitude of the problem here are some symptoms. At no more than 15 paces with the TX aerial retracted my own signal is TOTALLY swamped. The centre of our field is close mown and we either taxi or walk aircraft out to some 50 yards. On the way out the engine revs swell by about 500 and then decline again approaching the take off area. In flight there are surges in engine revs clearly audible on the ground. On Tuesday, a friend was flying his electric powered aircraft and the range test revealed the usual worrying symptoms. In flight however it became worse. He was doing his landing approach in pretty stiff breeze and his motor was cycling on/off entirely without any commands from Gordon who was the pilot! We tried two frequencies that day - 68 and 82 - with no discernible reduction in the anomalous signals.

Yesterday a guy suggested military sources as we are bang on the low level flying routes and no more than 12 KM from a CAA NATS network radar at Nettleton on the Wolds at 550 feet.. I am a radio ignoramus so can't comment on those allegations but we WILL trace this stuff if we can.

This is all very worrying. On the day I stuffed my DH71 there were three of us flying. Two of us damaged aircraft significantly and the other guy, unlike me, is an "ace". Whilst neither of us really suspected interference, with background RF at these levels it could very well have been the cause. Who knows?

Hope this stirs some discussion."

If anybody else has experience or information on RF interference, please write and tell us about it. 


encouragement from GARY WRUCK, U.S.A.

I just received the copy of Model Flight 35 link via email. You were a great help to me. I have found several sites with model of the Bell X-1 listed. I have not found exactly what I am looking for, but I am much closer.

Due to a computer crash here due to power outage I lost your emails, email address, and web site address. However I now have saved it on CD-ROM so it will not be lost again.

I will fill out a profile for you in the next couple of days.

Again Thanks for taking the time to help me.

Thanks for the feedback, Gary - I hope you will keep us posted on your Bell X-1 project, and I look forward to introducing you through a personal profile!

  Here's DAVE KIDD from Maryborough, Queensland, Australia

G'day Reg,

I enjoyed your site when I found it today, so there is now a link to it at the top of my links page. If you would take a look at "Australian Control Line Nostalgia" you will (hopefully) be so impressed that you will want to feature it in Model Flight. 

Keep up the good work!



Nice to add you to the ModelFlight readership, Dave, and thanks for the link. 

I've had a quick look at Dave's web site but I'm keeping the  URL a secret until I've featured his site on the next ModelFlight! After that, it will have a permanent link on the appropriate links page.



Here's TIM SMITH from Australia. Tim kindly let me know that my link to Norm Kirton wasn't working and then went on to say:

Enjoyed looking round your site - found it thru a link from the Just Engines site.

I am based in Queensland, Australia and am currently getting back into aeromodelling after many many years. I have just built a park flyer (NanoGnat from a AMI free plan (yet to fly!!) and have just started to build a 1/6 scale Briegleb BG12 sailplane (100" span) from a (US) Model Builder plan originally published in 1973. I used to own a full size one in South Africa back in the seventies. I'll have to build a cheap and cheerful glider to hone my skills before venturing out in the BG12 tho'! - any suggestions? 

Best Regards

Tim Smith

Good to meet you, Tim. Up to last weekend, I had no experience of gliding but having just launched my JR Easy Pigeon I can now confidently recommend it as a great glider that I'm sure you will enjoy. I hope we'll hear and see more of your BG12.


Welcome back to Ed Silva who asked to go back on the e-mail list after my reminders were not getting through.

Thanks Reg

Glad to be back on the E-Mail list again, that is what I call fast service. I was having problems with my computer but it all appears to be corrected 3 modems later. 

When you say all pictures will be appreciated are you referring to those sent by computer or to those sent via regular mail? At present I do not have a scanner so if I were to send you any photos it would be regular mail.



Nice to be in touch again, Ed. I'm very happy to receive photos by regular mail at any time. My address is at the foot of home page

Cliff Sears wrote to let me know what he's been up to recently:

Hi Reg

. . .   I just have not had the time recently to come down the field.

Hopefully I should be coming down this weekend, weather permitting

In the evenings I have been flying my small Picocub, which is an Electric Park Flyer, over our playing field at Enham. I found this Web site about the plane if your interested. http://www.rc-soar.com/hardsoft/mpx_cub.htm

Sorry to here about your trainer, but I suppose it happens to all of us at some time.

See you soon.


multiplexpicocub.jpg (7923 bytes)This is the Mulitiplex Pico Cub referred to by Cliff. The web site he mentions has a really good article on it by Clive Jones and is well worth a look.


  • Had a good bit of flying recently or has the weather let you down?
  • Enjoyed visiting a show?
  • Learned something new and feeling chuffed about it?
  • Had a spectacular crash?
  • Bought a new model?
  • One of the kids started in the hobby?
  • How's that new kit progressing?
  • Got a question that someone might be able to answer?  

There must be lots you can write to ModelFlight about, so click on the post-box at the top of the page and get in touch! 

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