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No 35
May 19, 2001

Hi friends,

There's a predominance of material from the UK this issue - not deliberately so, but it's just the way things go! Over the last month, there was quite a bit coming in from Australia - so much so that one UK visitor, Gary, thought ModelFlight was an Australian site. Some time back, for similar reasons, someone else thought we were USA-based. As Gary said, it all just shows how 'virtual' the site is - we're cyberspace-based!

We have had quite a bit of material from Canada in the past, but things have been very quiet in that direction lately, so here's a special request for Canadian news, pictures, personal profiles, URL's of clubs, distributors, model shops and personal websites that could be featured here on ModelFlight. It would be nice to catch up with you!

Geoff Graham is a retired professional meteorologist and has prepared a nice article to help us understand wind forecasts; read it on air space and enjoy having a go - it's great! Also, there are two slightly unusual sites featured on this issue - one is on personal profiles and the other on site seeing ; I hope you find them interesting!

It must be true that pride goes before a fall! After telling you all about the multiple disasters at our flying field recently and (proudly) slipping in the fact that no such fate had befallen me, the following weekend brought me down to earth with a bump - literally!

kitecrash.jpg (40925 bytes)After taking off into a fairly strong wind which proved rather lively aloft, I flew downwind and was turning my Kite back into wind when suddenly she took a dive and lost height very quickly. Justin was at my shoulder and was telling me to pull up, but I honestly don't know whether I even pulled on the correct stick before she hit the ground nose first and with one wing down. Neil thought I was flying too slowly. As you see from the picture, the engine mount brackets broke off so that the engine and cowl came away, the undercarriage parted company with the fuselage and there was what looked like a bit of superficial damage to the wing where the back of the tank cover had driven into it. The fuselage appeared to be the biggest challenge to repair, so when I got home I started on that and was encouraged how well the repair went. When I turned to the wing, however, I discovered that under the Solartex covering, the foam wing had actually broken across the full width of the wing in the chord-wise direction. I was very uncertain about the possibility of repairing the wing, but helped by a few hints and tips from the lads at the field, she's ready to fly again. In the meantime, the loss of my trainer (and a decent bit of weather) presented an ideal opportunity to dust off the Easy Pigeon and experience my first try at flying a glider - marvellous! It's an ill wind . . . (again, literally!).

Regards to all,

The background image on the opening screen is of Lindsay Dickie's superb jet-powered model Hunter. Click the mini-pic on the left to return to the title screen or the thumbnail on the right to see a large view of this magnificent model. The picture is reproduced by kind permission of the UK Jet Modellers Association and is taken from the Gallery page of their web site. Go to photo gallery for more model jets. LindsyDickiesHunter.jpg (22423 bytes)


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