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  • Tell us all about your model flying club and report on your activities. E-mail me with some idea of the sort of facilities you have, size of membership, types of model flown, social activities, reports of special events, site availability, guest arrangements, frequency of meetings, location, or anything else you can think to mention. Pictures will also be most welcome, and if you want to send me pictures by conventional post, my address now appears on the home page. If your club has a website, let me know the address and ModelFlight will pay you a virtual visit!


I apologize that in Norm Kirton's report on the Aussie National Championships published on Modelflight #34, I mis-typed the link to Norm's site where you could view lots more pics from the Nats. The link was corrected on the site once I was aware of the error and was working o.k. for a while but now keeps returning an 'internal server error' message. Sorry if you've been frustrated by it, but I can't find a permanent answer!





The historic second world war airfield of North Weald is every modeller's dream come true with its long runways and aprons available for model flying, and it's there that you will find Epping and North Weald Model Flying Club.

The club also enjoys its own clubhouse with TV, video, kitchen (fridge, cooker etc.), ladies and gents loos, workshop etc., etc. The only hardship, they say, is perhaps that they don't have a booze licence, but even that's no problem with the Squadron bar being yards away!

There is never a dull moment at North Weald, either. Even when all the models are in the pits they reckon there is going to be some old warbird doing a beat-up or a Yak 11 doing a wheels-up landing!

But there is a snag to all this! Right now, the Club membership is FULL and no new applications are being accepted. Added to that, the site lease conditions require that all members must possess a minimum of the BMFA 'A' certificate, so whether you are an experienced flyer or a keen beginner, I'm afraid that at the moment, flying at North Weald must remain the modeller's dream referred to in the opening paragraph!

Still, if you want to see what you're missing, you can always go along to Wings & Wheels Model Spectacular which is being held at North Weald on June 30th and July 1st. It's a great show with heaps of model trade stands all set up in an outdoor setting, brilliant bar and refreshment facilities, plenty of things to amuse the kids and altogether a great day out - it's my favourite show and one I try not to miss!

The club does have a nice web site as well, maintained by webmaster Gary Clemans-Gibbon, of whom you can read more on personal profiles.

 Kicking off with a nice clean and fast-loading homepage, you then have access to all the usual information you expect from a good club site. There's a bit about North Weald, an events calendar, guest book, membership details (ho-hum!),lowapproach.jpg (23633 bytes) club contacts, links, a member's area and a massive 10-page photo gallery containing some very unusual, amusing and often amazing photos from full-size and modelling aviation. For example, take a look at this photo supplied from an unknown source and entitled 'Low Approach'.

The URL is http://www.northwealdmodels.co.uk 



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