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  • Here's an item or two from the latest catalogues, magazine advertising or websites  - not  necessarily all new products on the market, but items large and small that will be of interest. 
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Here's a bit of real class in the electric world . . .

I liked the sound of this beauty as I read about it on the Zagi web site, so here's the information just as it appears there.

The Zagi-400 Electric

This is not another fragile electric airplane.

It's a rugged Zagi with electric power! Fully aerobatic, even at half throttle. The Zagi-400 brings the excitement of a good day on a world-class California slope to the small field. The speed 400 motor provides this low drag 19-ounce airframe with plenty of power. Give your arm a rest! Motor up to those distant thermals then power-down and soar with the hawks. The best part is the rugged combat proven ding-proof EPP leading edge. Easy foam and tape construction. Assembles in just a few hours. The plastic motor tray is molded to fit the motor, speed control and a 7 or 8 cell 500-mAh N size battery.

The design objective of the Zagi 400 was to provide a simple low cost kit using top quality components. To meet these objectives, the motor, electronic speed control and battery packs are custom made for Trick R/C. Since all Zagi are hand-made in limited production runs, the design remains dynamic. Upgrades are incorporated based on continuing research and feedback from thousands of flyers around the world.

Wing span 48 in.
Flying weight 19 oz.
Wing loading 5.7oz.ft

The complete kit contains:

  • Zagi-400 wing with hardware
  • Molded motor tray and canopy
  • Speed 400 motor and prop
  • 20 amp BEC Speed control with brake
  • 7 cell N500-A battery with Deans Ultra plug
  • Deans Ultra plug on a charging lead
  • Complete hardware package

Price $135.00

The semi-kit contains:

  • Zagi-400 wing with color covering tape and hardware
  • Molded motor tray and canopy
  • Speed 400 motor and prop
  • Complete hardware package

Price $75.00

Find out more about this and other variants at www.zagi.com 




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