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  • Here's where we take a look at other websites of model-flight interest. It might be a commercial site or one belonging to another enthusiast or specialist group. Let me know if you've come across a nice site that you think is worth a look - it could, of course, be your site if you let me know your URL!


Here's another of those interesting personal websites carrying a fascinating collection of pages.

This one belongs to DAVID CYBUL, who lives on San Andres Island, Colombia, and who is featured on the personal profiles page of this issue. The island is home to San Andres R/C Flying Club - surely the smallest model flying club in the world with just two members (and David is one of them) and a few honorary members in Canada, apparently.

Our principle interest in David's site lies in the fact that he is a keen r/c model flight enthusiast and his site has pages dedicated to his hobby. David's island location means that there are few available suitable sites for r/c flying, as a result of which he concentrates on float planes, and his R/C Page shows some of the models he has built, including details of davids seamaster.jpg (11297 bytes)his own conversions. He has recently been building a Great Planes Piper Cub J3, and building progress on this model is documented, together with a variety of pictures of the build. Another interesting plane that David flies is the Ace/Thunder Tiger Sea Master pictured on the right, and powered with an OS 46 FX. The page featuring this model gives a nice account of its maiden flight from off shore - it must be quite strange to launch a model into the sea for take off! Incidentally, David's other interest of fast model boats is also featured on his hobby pages and well worth a look!

Other pages on the site feature David's Family, San Andres Island information and pictures, Scuba diving and a link called Etc and described as 'some odd pages, fun, etc.'

David's site gives a fascinating glimpse into life on a small Caribbean island - isolated it may seem to be, but it appears to have its compensations!

Pay a virtual visit to David at www.cybul.com 


If you have a personal website, we may not have seen it yet so click on the post-box and e-mail me with the URL and we can all have a look at it on ModelFlight and appreciate all the work you've put into it!

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