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If your national flag isn't shown, it's because you haven't written to ModelFlight yet . . . !


My thanks to NEIL BARBER, MARTY MOLESKI and MIKE SLAUGHTER for their kind comments on the last issue.

Welcome to ANDY FLANAGAN, MIKE GIBBINGS, IAN NELSON, SAVINA SCHEIWE, and SERHAN YUKSEL who have all joined the mailing list since the last ModelFlight. 


Here's SERHAN YUKSEL, who is that friend of Safak Yardimci from Turkey, for whom Safak was looking for information on the RAF C130 Hercules on the last ModelFlight:

I am a scale builder and nowadays I am building a C 130 of Royal Air Force. I am confused while building the wing. I tried to make the flaps lower but I don't know the colour of inside the flaps. If you have a photo which shows it, please send me.

yours sincerely

Serhan Yuksel

PS: I have used green and grey-blue for outside painting.


I'm afraid I could find nothing which showed such detail, but I asked Serhan to let me know which version of the C130 he was building and I would see if the RAF could help. Here's his response:

First of all I have to say that I am very happy about your mail. Your answer arrived earlier than I could have hoped. I am sorry about my English; thus, please ignore my spelling and grammatical mistakes.

As you wish, I am going to explain myself. I am 20 years old and mailing you from Turkey. I study at METU (Middle East Technical University) in Ankara and my department is aeronautical engineering. I really like my department as I like aircraft. I first heard your name from Safak's mail. Thanks for that photo [on the last post box page] but it does not match. 

I like building scale models. I have already built a F117,a F14,a F15, a Harrier and a UH-60. I have chosen Italeri to build. (there aren't many choices in TR!). I don't like to build the same as the instructions, instead of this I download original photos and make some little modifications. I would rather to make this one (C 130H) with lowered flaps. There are more than a hundred photos in my PC's hard disk but none of them has satisfied me. if you could help me I would be extremely happy.

Best wishes,

Serhan Yuksel

Safak has confirmed that he builds static models - his student status means that for the moment r/c models remain a dream. It would be good if we can help him with the answer to his question . . .

  I was delighted to hear from Geoff Graham again . . . 
Here are a couple of shots of the current project* which is a Ben Buckle Falcon - 1937 design - predating myself. 
Sorry to read about your tribulations with the Citabria.  It has happened to most of us at one time or another and is of course character forming.  No doubt about it, stringer construction does make for a nice looking model.
It has been fascinating to read about the progress of the Blohm and Voss project.  I am very much looking forward to reading about its flight characteristics.
Best wishes,
Geoff Graham


*Geoff's current project is up on work in progress and it looks beautiful!

I am consoled to realise that my character will be improved by my trials with the Citabria - there was a strong likelihood that my language might have suffered!

Glad you like the Blohm und Voss project, Geoff - Chris Hardie is also looking forward to discovering its flight characteristics!


ROGER RYTON got hooked after we laid the bait, and now he's getting started with a Nexus 30 model heli. He's been practising on the CSM flight simulator and has come up with an interesting puzzle . . .

Here's an update on my performance with the simulator.

Having changed to mode 2, I was delighted to find that I improved fairly rapidly and within hours reached 50% safe landings - which I felt mighty
proud about. While still glowing, I thought I might just try out the Nexus characteristics and image; so that it would feel more like the real thing.

The file for a Nexus 30 was available, and since the appearance is identical to the 46, this was fine for me.

Upon starting again I was shocked. Very shocked. How shall I describe it, let me try, perhaps a brick with a jet engine and a tantrum.

Gently increasing the power for take-off, a little more power than usual was required. Height was then gained rapidly with the heli soaring high into the blue yonder. Now, a steady and gentle reduction in power appeared to have no effect at all. Still climbing. Yet a further gentle reduction in power brought it plummeting to earth in no time at all!

During flight the controls were acting very quickly but in a "working to rule" fashion. All changes were exaggerated as if intending to spite. The rudder, which had needed minimal attention previously in the simple model, now required constant and extreme adjustment.

I was now dreading the time when I would have to try on the real helicopter. This simulation was just about impossible. Every control needed constant and immediate and precise control, something I could not achieve. Crash rate back to 98% and confidence evaporated. I was worried that if this was genuinely the ability required I would never manage it.

Coming to the rescue fortunately were facilities of the simulator. Height hold and Position hold. Using these, I successfully tamed the wild gyrations of the heli, first with sticks, and then substituting trimming to stabilise. When stable I found it hard to believe that every trim had needed a 1 click shift, except the rudder which required a 12 click shift, i.e. almost at the end of the scale!!

Despair is now replaced with delight once more, as the heli has become controllable again. Amazingly, that brief struggle with the dreadful set-up makes the current configuration seem utopian,  with 90% plus safe landings now being achieved.

Have you any idea what might be the cause of the severe rudder offset? It's not the heading lock gyro - since I have a switch that to turn that off - with a visual cue to confirm it's status.

I'm therefore relieved to report that excitement has returned.

Must stop playing simulation soon and get the heli in flying condition.


I could only wonder if the rapid changes in altitude indicated that the Nexus 30 in the simulator was configured with a very steep pitch curve, giving rapid changes in positive and negative pitch each side of the neutral position - would that result in this sort of flying characteristic or am I barking up the wrong tree? But what about that rudder - why should it need such a massive amount of adjustment? Heli experts, please tell us what you think.

  It's a small world, says MIKE GIBBINGS

Hi Reg,

I live in Chestnut Avenue, Andover [my home town - Reg] and am a life-time member of the Heswall MAC (featured on ModelFlight #29). I've known John Lee (pictured on ModelFlight #31) for 34 years now and we keep in touch quite regularly. My main interest is electric powered flying which I have had a lot of success with.

John has introduced your website to me.


Welcome to ModelFlight, Mike; tell us more about your electric flying!

I see that Heswall MAC's 50th Anniversary celebrations last year are featured in the current BMFA News and John gets a mention.


Many thanks for info on York Model Aircraft Society  - I move to Bridlington on June 1st.

Can I recommend SAM Zero (Association of Vintage Aeromodellers) for all vintage R/C types - a bi-monthly magazine called the ECHO, published by K. J. Harris, 21 Burns Lane, Warsop, Mansfield, Notts., NG20 OPA

I wish there was a society for ancient types who are happy with slow flying vintage a/c with old engines (where the wing provides lift instead of vectoring the thrust !).

All the best for your move, Dennis. I hope we'll hear from you in due course that you have settled in both to new home and club. 

MARTY MOLESKI wrote from Buffalo, N. York

Thanks for the lovely review of my site!

I've put a link to ModelFlight in my main table.

Sorry to hear about the added difficulties
caused by the hoof-and-mouth outbreak. The
weather is just getting nice here. It's so
nice to have the extra sunlight coming back.

All the best.

Nice of you to write, Marty, and thanks for the link. Over 1,000 cases of hoof/foot and mouth here now. Send some sunshine over - it won't stop raining here!


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  • Had a spectacular crash?
  • Bought a new model?
  • One of the kids started in the hobby?
  • How's that new kit progressing?
  • Got a question that someone might be able to answer?  

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