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THIS is the page for aero-model pictures - your own, or others you've seen at the club or at a show; they are all welcome if they're nice to look at! 

If you're not into digital photography or scanning pictures, why not send me some photos by regular mail?  It's not too pricey; a batch of five or six photos costs $1.00 airmail postage from the USA, for example. My home address is on the home page.


All the pictures on this page are thumbnails - click on the picture for an enlarged view


MIKE SLAUGHTER hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, and sent me this picture of his attractive Nieuport 28, built from plans. It is fitted with an OS 70 surpass 4-stroke engine and Futaba radio. The covering is Colortex, with pull-pull elevator and rudder. Meet Mike on the personal profile page. Mikes nieuport.jpg (21938 bytes)


A few shots from the albums of Mike's club, GREATER CINCINNATI RADIO CONTROL CLUB
b29 side.jpg (170507 bytes) Paul Conrad's scratch-built 1:12 B29 Superfortress with Bell X-1 rocket-powered aircraft underslung B29climbout.jpg (10158 bytes) Paul's B29 climbs out prior to releasing the Bell X-1

Mark Feist's magnificent P-38 Lightning, powered by two Moki 18 engines, fitted with gyro, brakes and retracts

p381.jpg (90910 bytes)

A great cockpit view of the P-38

pilot p38.jpg (50897 bytes)
taylorcraft.jpg (48428 bytes) A lovely Taylorcraft by Jim Grote shuttle.jpg (15488 bytes) Space Shuttle by Henry Kin. Uses a 'J' size solid rocket engine

Find out all about this club on the club scene page


Miss Marilyn.jpg (31653 bytes) This startlingly realistic picture came from IAN NELSON - in fact, if he'd sent it on April 1st, I might have thought he was having me on in saying it was a model!

A model it is, though (or was) -  the picture is of  Ian's late and lamented Mustang, "Miss Marilyn II". Sadly, it is no more as Ian suffered a radio interference problem during a competition and it was completely re-kitted (delightful phrase!) in the ensuing crash. The model was a Cambrian kit, 55" span with a Super Tigre 40 in the front. It had retracting undercarriage, Merati air up, spring down with a mechanical tail-wheel unit of Ian's own design. It was covered in Solartex and painted with Humbrol enamels.




Ian entered the plane in the RAF Model Championships at RAF Honington last year. It had previously had 4 proving flights without incident at his local airfield (RAF Coltishall). It was 'lost' whilst Ian was doing a practice flight for the competition round - it simply stopped responding and went into a vertical dive from about 100 ft. A couple of people had noted a few glitches in a certain area - Ian got the whole lot!

Ian has recently taken delivery of the Top Flite Mustang 1/7 th scale (65") which he intends to build for the RAF Champs 2002. 

Ian writes, "As you have probably gathered I am in the RAF and am in fact the RAF Model Aircraft Association Indoor Flying Competition Secretary. So I build small CO2, Indoor HLG and EZB. I am not as accomplished at Indoor as I have only been doing it for a year, but I am learning".

Any chance you could keep us appraised of your progress on the Mustang, please, Ian?



Send us a picture of your aero model

Large or small, kit, scratch built or ARTF, rotary or fixed-wing, it matters not - and they don't have to be perfect, either. If you like it, let's see it! 

Just use the e-mail facility at the foot of any ModelFlight page or send details and pictures by regular mail.


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