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  • Tell us all about your model flying club and report on your activities. E-mail me with some idea of the sort of facilities you have, size of membership, types of model flown, social activities, reports of special events, site availability, guest arrangements, frequency of meetings, location, or anything else you can think to mention. Pictures will also be most welcome, and if you want to send me pictures by conventional post, my address now appears on the home page. If your club has a website, let me know the address and ModelFlight will pay you a virtual visit!



Formed originally some 41 years ago as "Winton Wingers", the Greater Cincinnati Radio Control Club (GCRCC) is a group of enthusiasts from all around the South-west Ohio region of the USA. For the first 38 years of its existence, the Club flew in the Springfield Township, but then found itself having to find a new site due to development of the one they had used for so long. The outcome of months of research and planning was their current site south of Trenton, Ohio, which they proudly refer to as their 'field of dreams'.

GCRCC's current membership stands at over 120; there is an open invitation for anyone interested in the hobby to visit the club and they offer a comprehensive training program from April to September for newcomers. They have a very active program of competitive events within the club as well as community events such as their annual Kids Fly which supports the Spina Bifida Association of Greater Cincinnati. A major summer event is the annual Flying Circus which is a spectacular model aviation airshow that draws thousands to their field and is regarded as the best family event of the summer! To encourage a good variety of models for the Circus, there are a number of expert builders in the club who offer their help to those keen to build a new model for the show but are not too sure about taking the plunge.

WinnersVertical freezefly.jpg (32549 bytes)I was interested, too, in a rather unusual winter competition appropriately named Freeze Fly! The 2001 event has recently been held and for the fifth consecutive year was won by Eddie Obermeyer. Eddie is on the right in the picture with Barry Longfield (left) and Alan Feist (centre) taking 2nd and third places respectively. I guess GCRCC has a strong family appeal as I see that one of the club's webmasters is Jeff Obermeyer and you can see a rather nice model belonging to Mark Feist on the photo gallery page.

Greater Cincinatti RCC also has a good website which is kept right up to date (not all of 'em are!).The home page itself carries information on latest club news, cincinnati homepage.jpg (36372 bytes)current events and lists recent updates to the site. They now have a forum up and running, and there are also pages on the site covering R/C basics, Gallery, Building, Newsletter (of which  ModelFlight reader Mike Slaughter is the editor) and Links

R/C basics is a good page for the general enquirer, helpfully setting out the cost of getting started in the hobby and covering national association and club dues, basic trainer kit, engine, radio gear and accessories. The Building page carries a good four-part article entitled The Building Board by club member Bob Crawford.

The Gallery is interesting, consisting of four separate 'scrapbooks' covering specific events and a general archive, each containing a good number of pictures. There's a nice mixture of material between pictures of general interest to the casual browser or interested enquirer and shots of the club in action with plenty of members being featured. 

The GCRCC website is at http://www.gcrcc.net 



E-mail me now with news of your club or send me the website URL and let's visit your club on ModelFlight.


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