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  • Here's where we take a look at other websites of model-flight interest. It might be a commercial site or one belonging to another enthusiast or specialist group. Let me know if you've come across a nice site that you think is worth a look - it could, of course, be your site if you let me know your URL!


Johan's MicroFlight

the personal website of Johan Bjurling from Stockholm, Sweden

When you first logon to Johan Bjurling's website, you will be greeted by this very simple opening page from which you make your choice between a Swedish or English version of his site by clicking on the appropriate national flag. From there, you are switched to the home page of your language choice.

On the right is the English version of Johan's homepage, displaying the usual sort of text menu for the remainder of the pages on his site.

johans homepage.jpg (41475 bytes)Johan's motto is 'Build fast - Fly slow', and his own special interest in slow flyers is reflected throughout the site. You can browse to individual pages covering What's new, Gallery, My projects, Interesting links, Hints & tips, About this page, Video clips and Johan's latest addition, a new non-aeromodelling  page!

Johan's Gallery page is more than the usual display of model photos; after selecting to view a particular model from the descriptive list, you are linked to a page dedicated to that model that also contains quite a bit of descriptive text concerning each featured model. This includes a full specification of the plane, radio, servo installation, etc., and quite often, a considerable number of pictures of the model through its various stages of construction. A similar approach is applied to his My projects page.

The kind of detail that Johan provides on the Gallery, Project and Hints & tips pages make this site extremely informative. If slow flyers are of interest to you, there is much useful stuff here - if not, it may well whet your appetite to give them a try - I'm certainly tempted!

If you want to explore Johan's site for yourself, go to:



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