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Bob's been on a spending spree!

Hi Reg,
Had a good weekend at Harrogate; very good show and a super venue. Went mad with Mr Visa - bought an OS160, another OS91FX and an OS92FS, plus a 120 size Giles.
Just finished my Ultimate and Stampe, so as soon as the weather is fit, will have lots of pics to send.
Paul bought a 180 Giles and a Saito 180 - proceeds of car . . .
Look forward to next issue . . .
Bob (Nicol)


Looking forward to the pics, Bob. It looks as though it was really true, then, about Paul selling his Cosforth; I must apologise for doubting you!

Derick Veliz suggests a link . . .

Just wondering if you could add this link to your website - it's very interesting.



Happy to oblige, Derick. This is a site dedicated to r/c aerial photography pictures, both stills and video, and which welcomes input from all devotees. I've put a permanent link on the personal enthusiasts' sites links page. Have a look at one of Derick's latest pictures on the photo gallery page

CRAIG TRICKETT has sent me a Christmas tale by Dr Suess  that starts:

Every Who
Down in Who-ville
Liked Christmas a lot . . .

But the Grinch, 
Who lived just north of Who-ville,
Did NOT!

It is a sort of fantasy poem along the lines of Dickens' Christmas Carol that would appeal to those who love Edward Lear. It's fairly long, so I'm not going to reproduce it in full here, but if you would like it to read to the kids, just send me an e-mail requesting it and I will  forward it to you! 




Something for your 2001 diary

Swap_Poster_Web_2001.jpg (44723 bytes)


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  • Had a good bit of flying recently or has the weather let you down?
  • Enjoyed visiting a show?
  • Learned something new and feeling chuffed about it?
  • Had a spectacular crash?
  • Bought a new model?
  • One of the kids started in the hobby?
  • How's that new kit progressing?
  • Got a question that someone might be able to answer?  

There must be lots you can write to ModelFlight about, so click on the post-box at the top of the page and get in touch! 

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