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THIS is the page for aero-model pictures - your own, or others you've seen at the club or at a show; they are all welcome if they're nice to look at! 

If you're not into digital photography or scanning pictures, why not send me some photos by regular mail?  It's not too pricey; a batch of five or six photos costs $1.00 airmail postage from the USA, for example. My home address is on the home page.


All pictures on this page are thumbnails - click on the picture for an enlarged view


Not a model yet, but CHRIS HARDIE of TEST VALLEY MODEL FLYING CLUB, Hampshire, UK, is intending to build it - Chris is particularly intrigued by that strange-looking assymetrical design. It is the WWII Luftwaffe Blohm und Voss MB 141B - a short-range, single-engine reconnaissance and observation aircraft which carried a three-man crew, I believe.  Chris loves traditional building, so has been busy making detailed plans for a 54" bv1.jpg (29647 bytes)wingspan balsa and ply construction from a set of plans he has for a foam-built model of this plane. As you can see here, he has actually started cutting the formers for the crew pod - there's a dry construction of the front of the pod to the right of the picture - and we will hopefully be able to watch the progress of this model over the coming weeks and months. Note the face mask for use when sanding down the batches of formers - very sensible! You can meet Chris on the personal profiles page.


And here are a couple more pictures from Test Valley MFC 

paul & gordon.jpg (17887 bytes)paul.jpg (21668 bytes)Here's the club's newest and youngest recruit, young PAUL BARNETT under instruction from GORDON COOK. Paul is just 8 years old (he stresses the fraction, so I had better not understate his age by leaving it out!). This picture was taken on his second or third visit to the field and already he's managing rotations and will soon be handling landings. His Tiger Trainer Mk II is an early Christmas present which he generously allows his dad to fly now and again!  


adams chipmunk.jpg (23145 bytes)This is ADAM HAYNES' VMAR Chipmunk, finished in Royal Canadian Air Force trim. 63" wingspan, OS46 2-stroke engine. I have been  telling Adam I was waiting for him to fit the cowl before putting it up on ModelFlight, but I ran out of patience and took this shot two weeks ago! A week later, he came to the field with the cowl fitted but the model went in as he was coming into land and before I had photographed it. Adam thinks the model is a write-off, but I would not be surprised to see it again once his dad has got busy on it!

And these models belong to Adam's dad, CHRIS. On the left his low-wing Jupiter and on the right his recently-finished Capiche, built from the latest RCM&E plans. That Capiche colour scheme is really great!

jupiter.jpg (27434 bytes) capiche.jpg (46110 bytes)


Here is the latest on STEVEN BOLIN'S B-17 project 
Please click on the thumbnails to view the detail.

b17-1.jpg (20936 bytes) In this shot you can see the three navigation lights on top of the dorsal fin, not to mention getting a feel for the scale of the aircraft. The elevators and rudder are not installed. There is also one more navigation light visible on the upper portion of the fin, on the side.

A view of the fuselage next to Steven's Mustang. The Mustang is 1/5th scale whilst the B-17 is 1/9th scale. Steven has yet to finish the rudder, though it is in progress.

b17-2.jpg (15374 bytes)

b17-3.jpg (8359 bytes)

Here is the servo installation in the tail. Two hi-torque servos for the elevators and one quarter-scale servo for the rudder.

This is the wiring for the navigation lights. You can see by the white strips of tape that Steven has been gathering loose wiring into bundles. The tail wheel has yet to be installed - Steven awaits its arrival in the mail and expects installation to be straightforward.

b17-4.jpg (14185 bytes)

b17-5.jpg (10929 bytes)

Here are the two elevators. Steven has chosen to duplicate the scale rib outline on top of the sheeted surface. These will be fabric covered.


I have featured PALMERSTON NORTH AERONEERS on the club scene page, and here are pictures of models belonging to three of their members, taken from their website:

focke-Wulf.jpg (21436 bytes) Focke-Wulf 190 by MAURICE JOB. 1/5th scale, 8kgs, 21 metres wingspan, 30 cc engine
orogers.jpg (26218 bytes) OWEN ROGERS with his Esprit control-line aerobatic competition model. Owen was intending to take this model to the world championships in France back in the summer - I wonder if he did and, if so, how he got on? (If you see this, Owen, perhaps you could tell us about it?). Moulded balsa fuselage, superbly finished in white and black with red and yellow trim.
spitfire.jpg (15728 bytes) MERV MATTHEW'S Spitfire Mk IX, scratch-built from a Brian Taylor plan. 64" wingspan, OS 70 four-stroke engine, electrically driven retracts.

I will be delighted to put more models up from PNA members if you would like to send me your pictures, gentlemen and possibly ladies - I know you have at least one lady member!



Here's one the latest pictures from DERICK VELIZ, whose aerial photography was featured on the last ModelFlight.

derick.jpg (44235 bytes)How was it taken? Is it a genuine in-flight picture? Derick's not telling . . . yet. I'm a tiny bit suspicious of what I think might be a hard edge that could mean a bit of trickery here, but I am really not sure! However it was done, it certainly looks darned good!

How do you think the picture was taken? Do write and tell me!


Send us a picture of your aero model

Large or small, kit, scratch built or ARTF, rotary or fixed-wing, it matters not - and they don't have to be perfect, either. If you like it, let's see it! 

Just use the e-mail facility at the foot of any ModelFlight page or send details and pictures by regular mail.


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