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Meet CHRIS HARDIE, pictured here outside his little hangar where he keeps his finished models.

Chris is 56 years of age and lives at Abbotts Ann, near Andover, Hants, UK. He is a member of Test Valley Model Flying Club, where he serves on the Committee, and is recognised within the Club as a particularly good builder, being commissioned to build (and sometimes salvage!) models for other members from time to time.

Chris started out his working life as a compositor (typesetter) in the printing trade, leaving the industry later to work in the motor trade for some years, and now working at Britax, the car safety seat manufacturer.

Model-making of one sort or another seems always to have held some fascination for Chris. As a youngster, he was a keen model railway enthusiast, joining a local general model-making club with his brother and later, in the early 1980's, forming Andover Model Railway Club, which continues to thrive today. He moved away from models for a while when he developed a keen interest in motor racing and he has also been actively involved in 12-bore clay pigeon shooting. He knows a thing or two about photography, as well.

In 1996, Chris met a keen model aeroplane enthusiast and owner of the local model shop, Neville Bone, who introduced him to the hobby. He joined another local model flying club and soon got building, starting with a free plan from RCM&E, a best-selling UK magazine. He went on to build a BA Hawk ducted fan model and then another RCM&E free plan, the Wrinkly Bottom Flyer with which he recalls having a fly-away on its very first flight, not having charged up his Rx battery!

cub.jpg (31768 bytes)Chris's hangar currently contains a Fun Fly, a Wot 4, an Easy Pigeon glider, an unspecified low wing fast flyer, a 48" Precedent Bi-Fly built from a copy of the plan, the recently-launched RCM&E Capiche, a Perkins Prangster and an Extra 230. Models of his own currently under construction are the little laser-cut 35" wingspan Piper Cub pictured here, which Chris is converting from rubber to electric power, and the most unusual Blohm & Voss MB 141 of which you can see and read more on the photo gallery page. He's also got eight or nine kits still in their boxes and awaiting construction!


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Reg Heath, 60 South View Gardens, Andover, Hants, SP10 2AQ, UK


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