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No 24
December 16,  2000

Hi friends,

Not a lot in the e-mail post-box in the last two weeks, but the real, live postman did deliver two very interesting items arising from the site, and both from the USA. On the last issue, we met Christopher Knowles from Omaha, Nebraska, USA and he very kindly sent me a little kit of various spices in order for me to try out one of his favourite chili recipes! Thanks very much, Christopher, just what we need over here now as the cold and wet weather continues. Judging from this winter shot that Christopher also sent me, I can see why it's a favourite of his, too, although he did say this was a bit of a freak snowfall. Anybody else want the chili recipe? Just ask, and I will gladly send it to you, but without the spice kit, I'm afraid!

Item number 2 was a packet of photos from Steven Bolin containing the latest pictures of his B-17 project which we are following. Catch up with it on the photo gallery page. 

In contrast to Christopher's photo,ship.jpg (12363 bytes) Steven also sent me a picture or two from his cruise holiday to the Bahamas earlier this year with his wife and our First Lady, Joanne - click this thumbnail if you would like a reminder of sunnier days and warmer climes!

If you are into - or tempted by - the combat flying that is becoming so popular, I think you will be interested in the information on CSM's new Airwars aerial combat system that I have put up on the cats corner page.

By the way, there are loads of you we haven't met yet - how about sending in your personal profile? You can use the special form on the personal profile page or just write and tell me all about yourself, your family, modelling and other interests, etc. - and photos make it even more interesting!

If you celebrate Christmas, I take this opportunity of sending you my warmest greetings for a very happy and peaceful Christmas season and, as ever, thanks for your support. 

My special thanks to those of you who have already kindly sent me Christmas greetings - it was very nice of you and much appreciated.

Regards to all - see you again just before the New Year! 

If you are not already receiving a reminder each time ModelFlight is updated every two weeks but would like to do so, please click on the post-box and send me an e-mail simply saying "reminder" and I will gladly add you to my e-mailing list.


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