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Oldtimer R/C Championship

in Nyköping, Sweden

by Tore "Oldtimer" Loodin

Sweden is a not-so-large country on the northern borderline of Europe. R/c oldtimer flying is not so large either - yet! When I began organising oldtimer meetings five years ago, typically a crowd of four fliers got together. Nowadays, the crowd has grown to well over ten gentlemen. In my files for oldtimers in Stockholm and its surroundings, there are more than 30.

Well, on September 23rd, eleven oldtimers gathered 100 kilometers south-west of Stockholm at the r/c site of Nyköpings Model Club unloading their beautiful flying machines. For once the club had hit one of the few beautiful days this summer, sun shining from a bright sky and no wind at all!

The rules for this competition are quite simple: After take-off, you are allotted a motor time of max four minutes, after which you have to shut down the engine to at least a very low idle. The model is then pretty high and hardly visible, so very old oldtimers such as me must have help from some hawk-eyed person to observe the model. Then you have to keep the model in the air for four minutes, called "ideal time". Plus or minus this period of time detracts points in the protocol. Landing within a 30 meters wide circle gives bonus points. Four rounds are flown, the worst one not counted when totalling. The competition is held in an easy-going style, emphasis being on a social get-together.

This r/c field borders the landing zone to Skavsta Charter airfield, so the control tower there warned us every time a flight was going to land. Perfect co-operation, which I think is only possible in the countryside where almost all people are acquainted.

As slight thermals were above this flatland, the times in the air were averaging three and a half minutes, none hitting the four minute point. Sportsmen as we are, no one tried to crash-land their model within the circle to win points. How beautiful these models are, the sun shining through the wings and fuselage's framework! Oldtimers then remember their early model steps in their youth, forgetting the agony of crashing!

Many interesting machines were there:

Tomas Leijon, Gladiator,Taplin Twin diesel.jpg (43838 bytes)Tomas Leijon sported an Old Warden scarred Gladiator, also flown in Germany and USA. It was built to be motorised with a Taplin Twin Diesel engine but due to unavailability of this it had until now been flown with a Laser four-stroker. But just one month ago, Tomas got a Taplin from Australia and now it merrily purred in the nose of the Gladiator for the first time!


skyscooter.jpg (26030 bytes)Esbjörn Forslund heroically flew a rudder-only diesel-driven Sky-Scooter (right) which, being well-trimmed, disappeared in the blue. He had forgotten to switch on the receiver! When returning to Stockholm we saw a yellow dot in a field one kilometer away. Sure enough, there was the Sky-Scooter standing on its three wheels, quite unhurt. Moral of this story - always check the rudder before throwing a model up in the air! Lucky guy, this Esbjörn.


Tore's Playboy.jpg (52885 bytes)rocketeer.jpg (21580 bytes)Tore Loodin (left) flew a Playboy Senior with an unusual coupé fuselage, howling upwards  and tractored by a Super Tiger ·25. Normally, this model is flown with my pylon-shaped fuselage, but one has to surprise the crowd!

Pär Laxén, our only really young oldtimer (right), carries his guppy-shaped but beautiful Rocketeer.


arne2.jpg (35259 bytes)The native Bengt Höglund became Champion of the year flying a Quaker Flash. Arne Kohlberg (right) flew in second on an Astro Viking. Third man was Lars Eriksson sporting a Diamond Demon. Ah yes, yours truly Tore Loodin got to a humble sixth place.

The organiser, Ingvar Claesson from Nyköpings Model Club got standing ovations from the competitors for the well-managed meeting.

Many thanks, Tore, most enjoyable! 

All the pictures are thumbnails - click on them to see the larger view and I think you'll agree they really capture the atmosphere of this oldtimer meeting.

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