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about ModelFlight - it's virtually a model flying club!

ModelFlight sets out to be a sort of virtual model flying club. It is a friendly, open website intended for the enjoyment and participation of all model flight enthusiasts of all levels of experience and any discipline within the model flight world.

Every page on the site is open for contributions from flight modellers - technical articles, pictures of your models, personal profiles, hints and tips, news and views, etc.

ModelFlight is purely amateur and non-commercial in that it generates no revenue and carries no paid advertising. Nevertheless, contributions from distributors, dealers, publishers or whoever are extremely welcome as is news of new products.

The site is updated every two weeks, although occasionally an item may be carried for up to four weeks if it is of special interest or I'm a bit short of material!

The site is designed for easy browsing - there are links from every page to every page - and I attempt to keep down-loading time to a minimum to avoid frustration - and 'phone bills for those of us who have to pay all the time we're on-line. 

ModelFlight does not set out to be 'high-tech' - that's something best covered by the modelling press who have access to the best brains in the business - but if you care to contribute something of a technical nature then I will be delighted to publish it on the site. By the same token, this is also the place where beginners are most welcome.

The joy of the site, as I see it, is the fun of getting to know a bit about fellow enthusiasts; virtual visits to model flying clubs all over the world; looking at other people's model aircraft; sharing information, hints and tips and seeing your work on the web, etc.

So, welcome to ModelFlight. Use the e-mail post-box that appears on every page to introduce yourself to the rest of us and join the fun!







about me . . .

Hi, I'm Reg Heath. I am 62 years of age, married to Dorothy, and took early retirement when I reached the age of 60. All our five kids are now married and we have four grandchildren - delightful and special, of course - with the fifth on the way and expected at the end of August! We live in Andover in the South of England and have done all our lives except for two years spent working in Papua New Guinea - that was eighteen years ago.

Just over half my working life was spent in the printing industry, firstly as a craftsman and then in management where I finally became Managing Director of a large magazine and book printing and binding company. At the age of 42 I left the printing industry to undertake charity work in administration which I continued to do until retirement (including those two years in Papua New Guinea and some of the most exciting flying - only as a passenger - in single-engined Cessnas that you can imagine!).

I started my interest in model flight at the time of my retirement when I fulfilled a long-held ambition to build and learn to fly a model helicopter - an Hirobo Shuttle ZXX. I was unable to find a local club which flew helicopters so I took basic lessons at a local model flying school and have had to progress (slowly) on my own since then.

In February of this year, I decided to have a go at fixed-wing models - I have an Easy Pigeon powered glider waiting for her maiden flight and a New Yamamoto 1600 trainer. I belong to the Test Valley Model Flying Club where I am learning to fly fixed-wing. Other interests include music, computer flight simulation - especially Microsoft FS2000, a bit of keep-fit, modest cycling, messing about on my computer - and gardening because I have to! I am happy to be contacted personally by e-mail - in my case you can use the ModelFlight e-mail address.

It was in January this year that my computer interests turned to the idea of building a website, but I wanted it to have some purpose other than just a personal one - I couldn't imagine anybody wanting to visit such a site anyway! I wondered if I could possibly do anything that might appeal to the model-flight world but that would not be limited by my own lack of experience. I then came up with the idea of a virtual flying club where experienced modellers and beginners alike could make their own contributions and enjoy the fun of the hobby on a world-wide basis - and thus ModelFlight came into being!

The first appearance of ModelFlight was on January 30, 2000, and I have been up-loading an update on a two-weekly basis since. That rate of updating is quite a challenge and each time I put a new update on the web, I wonder how I am possibly going to have enough material for the next one! Actually, it depends on you, so please keep me busy and happy!

This is my little fleet of models, each one named after a different daughter-in-law!

They are Dawn, the Yamamoto 1600 fixed-wing trainer; Cathy, the Hirobo Shuttle ZXX helicopter; Lisa, the Easy Pigeon electric-powered glider.