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Steven (Bolin) sends news of his 1/5th scale Mustang

. . . I just ran my third tank of gas through my Mustang, believing I had worked out some bugs in it. I was not disappointed. The first two tanks were not even full ones because the engine would sag considerably after three minutes of wide open throttle and threaten to die. Lots of bubbles in the fuel line as I watched. This made me suspicious. Couple this with vibration that was beyond normal. So I balanced the prop, finding the heavy blade. Then, bringing the piston at top dead center, I simply moved the heavy blade opposite the piston, so the heavy blade sat at bottom dead center to the piston being at top dead center. So now I have the two heavy masses at opposite ends! It worked like a charm! Less vibration, and not a single bubble in the lines! Engine ran like a champ. I may run one more tank for good measure. Now I must go tackle the elevators on the B-17.

Thanks for the update, Steven. Sounds a very interesting solution to the problem. I look forward to further news on the Mustang as well as the next instalment of Steven's B-17G project which kicked off on ModelFlight #12.

good to hear from Denis Wolff again

Hello Reg

Just getting the hang of this thing. Started modelling in 1947 on playing fields (army) at North Camp, Farnborough, Hants (UK) as 'fetchermite' to the great Gil (G.W.W.) Harris who made huge petrol models (non-r/c). Did the usual path thru' rubber, glider, control line, till r/c came (after marriage and full size); now fly vintage with old and new diesels. Keep up the good work - can't trace getting news prior to no 12 - perhaps in outer space now. 

Interesting pedigree, Denis! Quite right about earlier issues of ModelFlight - each update overwrites the previous one, so they've all gone for ever (except on my back-up disk, but that's only of use to me!).

Bryan's bargains . . .

. . . I have the following engines that I'd like to make available for sale. Do you have a page on your site that is available for that purpose? Or would you be able to recommend a site on which I could advertise such engines?

Thanks . . . Bryan

New "In Box" Model Engines for Sale:

SAITO FA-120, 4 stroke, 20cc, $300, new, w/carb, eng mnts, pipe, tools
SAITO FA-91S, 4 stroke, 913 cid/1496cc, $210, new, w/muffler & carb & tools
O.S. SURPASS FS-70, 4 stroke, 702cid/11.5cc, $170, new, w/muffler & carb & tools
SUPER TIGRE 71 (G. 71 F.I.), 2 stroke, 71cid, $95, new, 1 & 2 plug cyl heads incl.
ROSS 60 STANDARD TWIN, black, 2 stroke, 6032 cid/9885 cc, $120, new w/mufflers

Offers considered.

Call Bryan @ 1-877-480-6688 (ext 509)

I must say I fancy that Surpass FS-70 myself, but shipping it to the UK might not be so safe! ModelFlight did have a 'swap shop' page when it was first launched, but there was no real interest shown in it. However, I'm always happy to put genuine swaps, sales or wants on the post-box page. Coincidentally, the website that is featured on my new site-seeing page does offer free advertising for just that purpose.

DISCLAIMER. ModelFlight (i.e., Reg Heath) accepts no responsibility for the outcome of swaps, sales or wants displayed on this website, which are published in good faith. All contacts in respect of the transactions must be made direct between the parties concerned.