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From time to time I have referred to Neville at our "friendly local model shop", so I thought it was about time I introduced him to you!!
NEVILLE BONE of Andover Model Centre
Neville is the proprietor of Andover Model Centre and also of N. Bone Motor Repairers, a vehicle repair and maintenance firm. His combined business activities are located on an industrial estate of 2-storey units housing small businesses at a village called Picket Piece, just a couple of miles outside Andover, Hants, UK. 

Motor Repairers occupies the ground floor of Nev's unit and the model shop is on the first floor, although as you see from the photo on the right,workshop.jpg (22989 bytes) there is some overflow! Those planes on the workshop floor are second-hand models which Neville sells on commission on behalf of their owners. On the left-hand side you can see the stairway to model heaven - click on it to enter! 

Nev is 52 years old, married, and has two grown-up daughters. He lives in Andover and has been in the car maintenance business for 31 years. 

Nev started up Andover Model Centre 6 years ago, mainly to meet the needs of local modellers who otherwise had to travel 20 miles or so to Basingstoke to obtain any serious aero-modelling supplies. The business has grown in the meantime, and now Nev often finds himself supplying the Basingstoke model flying fraternity! Neville carries stock from all the well-known distributors and does his best to remain competitive, offering a discount to local club members on kits, accessories, etc., and always willing to put a good deal together as well as matching magazine prices on individual kits and equipment. 

Neville's own flying interest lies in aerobatic fixed wing models and he flies a Dave Smith Joker and an EZ Mystic 90 when he can find the time! He belongs to Test Valley Flying Club.

Andover Model Centre Unit 117 The Commercial Centre Picket Piece 01264 355033


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Reg Heath, 60 South View Gardens, Andover, Hants, SP10 2AQ, UK



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