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This is a new ModelFlight page that will appear occasionally as an alternative to club scene. Here's where we take a look at another website of model-flight interest. It might be a commercial site or one belonging to another enthusiast or specialist group. It could, of course, be your site if you let me know your URL! - Garrison Aerodrome

This is Garrison Aerodrome's home page - deliberately uncluttered to achieve fast loading, although some of the other pages are not quite so quick!

Garrison Aerodrome is a company located in Indiana, USA, and is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of radio-controlled model aircraft. They claim to specialise in fun, durable and affordable electric and glider models.

From the home page you can go to the usual pages to be expected on a retailer's site such as their catalogue, lists of dealers and links. They also have a Coming Soon page giving details of upcoming products and a Specials page featuring special deals on overstock, one-of-a-kind and sample items that they are looking to clear from their shop - could be some bargains there!

When you navigate from the home page, you will find navigation links to further pages of interest, one unusual one being Swap-n-Shop Classifieds, a page of free advertising for enthusiasts to sell, buy and swap models, etc. - navigate to it from their links page.

Garrison Aerodrome tell us they are 'the home of the Push-E Cat EPP entry-level electric trainer and the Positron Speed 400 Delta', which are the two models pictured on their home page. Fuller details of these two models are given on the site, but here's a shot of the very attractive Push-E Cat. 

5717 Woodlea Avenue
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46835


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