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Here's an item or two from the latest catalogues or websites  - not  necessarily all new products on the market, but items large and small that will be of interest. 
If you contact any supplier as a result of reading this page, please be sure to mention ModelFlight.


scale bodies for the Piccolo!

When the Ikarus ECO Piccolo 'indoor' helicopter was first advertised, they referred to their intention to produce a range of scale bodies for the model at some time in the future. Later advertising made no reference to this, and I wondered if I had imagined it or the idea had been dropped, but at Sandown Model Symposium, the model was being flown with a beautiful little Hughes 300 body.

The Hughes 300 body is now available in a kit which includes everything required to convert the standard Piccolo, including new rotors. I've seen it advertised by Midland Helicopters at 39.99.

Also in the pipeline are scale fuselages of the Airwolf, a Bell UH-1 Huey and a Bell 222. There is a possibility of retracts being produced for the Airwolf/Bell 222. The ECO Piccolo is distributed by J Perkins Distribution.