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Had a good bit of flying recently or has the weather let you down? Enjoyed visiting a show? Learned something new and feeling chuffed about it? Had a spectacular crash? Bought a new model? One of the kids started in the hobby? How's that new kit progressing? In fact, anything that you think might be of interest to fellow modellers is worth dropping a line to ModelFlight  post-box page about. Think of it as the club house and start chatting! 


LINDSAY HENDERSON has very sportingly been in touch again to provide this hilarious sequel to his tree-top landing when he managed to put his model helicopter into the top of a 100-feet high pine tree. 



The friend I had flying with me and my 21-year old son both tried to climb this tree without success. An old bushy (as we call them here, or someone who has spent time in the timber industry) climbed that tree for $x.00 and that heli was stuck fast - it had the tailfin over one branch and another had gone through the windscreen of the canopy and it hung upside down all night. He used his tree spikes and harness to get up to it and lowered it down!

There was a bit more to the guy that climbed that tree. He chain-smoked and was over 60 and he brought a mate and his wife. The good wife was to take the pictures of his first recovery of a helicopter up a tree. Just to give you some idea of how old the wife and camera were, this camera only took black and white photos - TRUE! When the guy was climbing the tree, he was about two-thirds the way up when he calls down, "Can someone find my cigarette - I dropped it". Below, the tinder-dry grass is about 2 feet high and could catch fire very easily, but I could not find the fag and there was at least no fire.

Oh, by the way I have learnt to do those backward inverted circuits just fine since. My goal is to become totally conversant with inverted flight and so far it is progressing well with inverted nose-in hover to all sorts of circuits inverted.

P.S. - they used to call me Hendo, now it's 'tree man'.


Thanks for that Hendo - a great story and congratulations on your flying progress. I'm afraid I'm still struggling with nose-in hovering - I wish I had someone to help me!

link request 

Perhaps you would like to put in a link to our club's web page. We are located in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada. Our link is as follows:

Not much flying here yet - still snowing at times. Had another 6cm (2.5 in) over the past week but its melted off now, so maybe this weekend. The snow had gone, so everyone took off the skis; now it's back and we don't want to put them back on. Had a look at your site and it looks great - I think it's a good idea.

Thanks David and glad to oblige.
I've had a quick look at this club site and will feature the club soon in ModelFlight.


Cheers for the website Reg. It gets better with each issue.


Thanks for the compliment. Thanks also for your suggestion to encourage visitors to ModelFlight when I mention it on the newsgroups.