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THIS is the page to show off your favourite model pictures - models you own and fly or something special you might have seen on the club field or at a show, perhaps.
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Picture files are best sent as JPEGs (.jpg) to save transmission and downloading time. If you cannot send picture files, send your photographs by regular mail. My home address is now at the foot of the home page. Please note, though, that I cannot return photos unless you send me the necessary postage.


The pictures on this page are thumbnails; click on the image for a full-screen version, then on the BACK button of your toolbar to return to this page. 


Here's a strip of thumbnails of GORDON COOK's aerobatic model "Sweet Apple". Gordon is Chairman of Test Valley Model Flying Club in Hampshire, UK, and also one of the club's instructors. 

Gordon 1.jpg (62984 bytes)


Gordon 2.jpg (75419 bytes)


Gordon 3.jpg (53606 bytes)


The model is of Gordon's own design and takes its name from Sweet Apple Farm - he names all his models after local places. It is powered by a Laser .80, has an all-up weight of 2.7 kg, a 60 in. wingspan and length of 63 ins. First flown July 1998. 

Just for fun and for Gordon's benefit, I've circled the spot where he made his first radio-controlled flight 36 years ago, using a single-channel transmitter equipped with an old tank aerial which he says he found - you can see the location when you view the right-hand picture full-screen!


Test Valley Model Flying Club is featured on the club scene page


Harvardx.jpg (59424 bytes) Harvardxx.jpg (50783 bytes) SE5A.jpg (45689 bytes)

These beauties are owned by STEVE READ, who also flies with Test Valley Model Flying Club. Left and centre is his 1/6th scale Harvard and on the right, a 1/6th SE 5A, both FLAIR products.


Now let's enjoy a sight of your favourite aero model - just use the e-mail facility at the top of any ModelFlight page or send details and pictures by regular mail.