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In ModelFlight #6, I said I hoped I would hear further from WALLY NASSE from Bassano, Alberta, Canada, whose models were up on the picture gallery page of ModelFlight #6. Wally was surprised and pleased to see his planes on the site and has been in touch again with a bit more information about himself, his planes and his club, and I am pleased to be able to introduce him to you in this personal profile.
Next, we go from Canada to the Atlantic coast of the USA to meet another enthusiastic model flyer - FRANK DRECCHIO from Baltimore, Maryland - we're certainly getting around with ModelFlight these days! There is an article by Frank on the plane talk page.


MEET WALLY NASSE, pictured here with his mystery plane which he has christened "The Pig" because of its heavy flying characteristics! Wally was keen to find out more about this model and thinks it may now have been identified. Here's what he writes:

I have recently gotten an e-mail from a fellow who has owned two aircraft resembling "The Pig". He says it is an early 80s competition pattern plane called the Arrow, sold by Hobby Barn and MK Products. Says weights were anywhere from seven to eleven pounds. 

Our club, The Flying Falcons R/C Club, was established in January 2000 after flying from the local airport for about six years unofficially. We are now a MAAC sanctioned club with full insurance coverage. Our membership now numbers 12. It is a small club where everyone gets along. We try to minimize the rules and maximize the fun!

Ours is a mainly rural community. The population of Bassano is approximately 1500. I am mainly a farmer and do computer consulting, training and sales on the side. In winter, the farming slows whilst the computer business picks up so I am always with something to do. I began r/c modelling in 1978 while still in high school. All extra cash I had went into modelling, so none was left to blow in the pubs. I like to get out as much as possible in the summers but my work really limits any free time so Sundays are set aside as much as possible as flying days! I am presently refinishing a Sig Skybolt and building a Hobby Hangar GEE BEE Z which will be powered by a YS .53 FZ 4-stroke. Can hardly wait to finish them.

None of our members are competition calibre pilots but a few are really trying to practice the hot manouvers and fly low and fast. My two sons, 3 and 5 years old, always like to accompany me to the field to watch and help (clean-ups). The youngest has loved airplanes for almost two years already. All the toys he wants are airplane-related. Will definitely be a pilot, he says.

My site is an amateur attempt to show off my planes. I am working with our Vice President on making an official club page on his web space. We have quite a bit of work to do until the presentation is correct. 


I hope to hear more from Wally and maybe have the chance to put his new models on the picture gallery page.

Now let me introduce FRANK DRECCHIO, who sent me the item about setting up the TeleBee gyro that you will find on the plane talk page.

Frank is a member of The Sunday Flyers model flying club, Baltimore, Maryland, USA (I hope to make a virtual visit to his club in a later update of ModelFlight).

Frank has been in the hobby for over 30 years (must have started young, I think!). He is a licensed full-scale helicopter and fixed-wing pilot, but does not fly commercially any more, devoting his aviation interest to models.

Frank's main interest is helicopters and he currently has six in his fleet along with seven fixed-wings, including two gliders and one electric. He's owned a total of 15 helicopters, his first being a Schluter Heli-baby that he purchased way back in the 70s.


 Frank is an instructor at his club for all types of aircraft including autogyros of which he has owned 3 in his time. Pictured above is Frank with his Ergo whilst the shot to the right is from the days when he flew for a living. The model is Frank's Heli-baby, whilst the big one might be a Sikorsky S-58, but I'm not very good at heli-spotting! 

Frank's fleet sounds interesting - you can see more if you visit his website at  

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