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No 7
April 22, 2000

virtually a model flying club

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Welcome to ModelFlight #7. 

Those of us living in the UK have not been very lucky with the weather recently and weekend flying has been very limited. We had one glorious Saturday on April 15 here in the sunny south of England, but the next day it was as if winter had returned. Later in the week, we even had snow as well as icy winds but that's no great shakes for those of you have been in touch with me from Canada!

We've got two personal profiles in this issue of ModelFlight - I really think they are fun and I hope we will get a lot more. The response form which appears at the bottom of the 'personal profiles' page works a treat now, I'm pleased to say. It wasn't working properly for one day after I had updated the site on April 7, but then I found I had inserted a space in the word targetpage in the code and it was that that was causing the problem! Please give it a go or send details in an e-mail and introduce yourself to the rest of us.

In many ways, this site is your site, because it exists for you to share your views, experience, model pictures and personal introductions. Get on the web without having to produce a web page of your own and join in the fun of ModelFlight - it's virtually a model flying club! 

 Happy landings,


Reg Heath
60 South View Gardens
SP10 2AQ

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