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Just about every modeller has some handy little gadget, modification or gizmo that adds that little bit extra to the pleasures of our hobby - send me details in an e-mail and share your good ideas with the rest of us! 


model transport

I made this car transporter floor for my Shuttle from 15 mm (5/8 in) chipboard, using the floor mat of the car boot as a template to get the right shape. The shape of the boot meant that the board then needed to be cut in half to enable the floor to be fitted and removed as required.

The hold-downs that fit over the heli's skids are window locks bought from my local DIY shop. A small block of wood and a strip of foam is fitted to the L-shaped window bracket to lift and protect the skids so that they fit snugly under the locking bar which is screwed into place with the special key provided with the locks. A metal strip is fitted to the right-hand half of the floor at the front and back edges and overlaps the other half of the floor. The strip drops over a countersunk bolt protruding up through the left-hand floor and the two halves are held firmly together with a couple of butterfly wing nuts. A coat of my favourite colour paint matched the job up with my flight tables and flight box - I just love the combination of blue and silver!

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floor2.jpg (20107 bytes)


floor4.jpg (22381 bytes)


floor6.jpg (16093 bytes)


floor5.jpg (27694 bytes)