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- it's not JUST a simulator, they say . . .


Here's what the new sim offers:

10 aircraft including XTreme, P-51 and CAP-232
10 flying fields
multiple pilot perspectives
programmable pilot locations
weapons - bombs, missiles and gattling guns (no toffee bombing but there is balloon bust!)
network play - multi-player
games include bombing, target shooting, limbo, spot landing 'and much more'.

The graphics are 3D modelled with full texture mapping of landscapes, buildings, aircraft, etc. The aircraft have visible, moving control surfaces with full damage modelling to realistically recreate impact damage and crashes, and 'full collision detection' for increased realism - like I said before, this hobby is accident prone, after all! (I'm surprised they haven't got sounds of laughter from your mates as you hit the deck!)

The simulator is fast loading, supports all major 3D cards (old and new) and claims to be easy to configure for PC novices and pro's alike.

The recommended PC specification is a Pentium II 266 running under Windows™ 95/98/2000 with 32MB of RAM, 200MB free hard-drive space and a second-generation 3D video accelerator, although you would get away with a Pentium 200 and 24MB of RAM. rc_0001.jpg (82427 bytes) rc_0002.jpg (125699 bytes) rc_0012.jpg (168514 bytes)

Click on these thumbnails for a nice little sequence of development shots (although you'd get into trouble if you flew in the park like this!)


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