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Test Valley Model Flying Club, Hampshire, UK

The Test Valley Model Flying Club is located in north Hampshire, UK and has been running in its present form for 23 years. The club is noted for its friendly and helpful attitude to newcomers whilst operating responsibly in the community from its leased flying sites which lie east and west of the town of Andover.

The club flies every Saturday and Sunday afternoon and Bank holidays at its Ludgershall sites, weather permitting. During the winter months, flying takes place from a large army polo pitch with plenty of space; during the polo season, from April and on through the summer, the club switches its activities to the playing fields of nearby Castledown School. There is also a second flying site on an occasionally-used army camp at Barton Stacey used under license from the Ministry of Defence and generally available to the club each Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank holidays.

Training is given using the buddy-box system and beginners are encouraged to arrange trial flights when they can get to know the club's instructors and discuss their requirements and ambitions before committing themselves to equipment purchase. Chris.jpg (22535 bytes)Chris (nearest camera) prepares for his first solo take-off under Gordon's watchful eye! Click the pic for a larger view.

The Club currently has a membership of around 40 and is active in promoting its activities through local outlets to guide newcomers into the sport. Membership fees are 44 per year, including the mandatory membership and insurance cover provided by the British Model Flying Association to which the club is affiliated.

The Club is holding a Flog 'n Fly meeting on Saturday, September 2nd from 11.a.m. to 5 p.m. at Castledown School (on the right-hand side of the Ludgershall to Tidworth road, opposite the tank sheds). The flogging is out of the back of your car; flying is off the peg and visitors are most welcome!

The Club Chairman is Gordon Cook, who is also one of the instructors.

The contact for membership enquiries is Mick Munnery, the Club Secretary and Treasurer; phone 01264 398377. 

Go to the picture gallery page to see some nice models photographed at a recent Saturday afternoon meeting of the club.